Happy Birthday Bronx Cheer For Wrong-Again Rudy

Fair Warning! Poison Inside

NYDaily News

“The former NYC mayor was at the Stadium to celebrate his 74th birthday on Memorial Day, with the announcer wishing him a happy birthday to the crowd.

“The fans, however, greeted him with hearty boos.”

Yeah, Rudy’s still got that ol’ Rudy magic.

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2 Responses to Happy Birthday Bronx Cheer For Wrong-Again Rudy

  1. Sekrit tip: Most Noo Yawkers have despised Rudy for a long time. He wore out his welcome years and years and years ago with his bullshit ‘broken windows’ nonsense which just made city life a constant hassle with dickhead cops.

    Sure he got all the impressive press in the podunk hinterlands beyond the Hudson for his 9/11 performance, but people who lived there know that was all because the dumb fuck put the Citiy’s Emergency Command Center in the Towers AFTER the first attack, against ALL the advice of professional emergency managers..

    He was out walking around because that was the ONLY WAY HE COULD COMMUNICATE

    Kinda surprised he wasn’t pelted with peanuts and stale beer too.


    • Bruce388 says:

      And then there was Rudy’s failure to get radios so NYPD and FDNY personnel could communicate. That failure cost a lot of lives on 9/11.


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