RIP, Interview Magazine

Yesterday, Andy Warhol’s Inter/view (the original title before the magazine was bought from the Warhol estate and retitled the pithier, Interview) closed shop for good, and it is really kind of sad. The original premise was like listening to two celebrities dishing gossip to each other over dinner or drinks, largely unedited and unfiltered. And while one celeb or the other might be trying to promote their latest project, it often derailed and some unscripted revelations would pop up.

“In 1980, he sat down with Diana Ross in a New York restaurant. It started out as a discussion of her career, but ended up a commentary on the establishment’s food—at one point, Ross ordered “a heaping helping of chocolate mousse.”

I remember that edition. It was pretty great. Compare that to the constant marketing drivel and puffery in People, and I’ll take Interview any time.

When I was in college, I had some of the magazine covers in plexi clip frames on my dorm wall (my own Warhol art gallery!)  and yes, he sometimes did the covers himself. If you Google Interview Magazine Covers, you’ll quickly see the depth and breadth of the subjects and the presentation. It really is a pop-culture hall of fame.

I have not picked up a copy in years (maybe more than a decade?) so I’m as guilty as anyone for the news of their demise. Anyway, it is now gone and I’m searching for my old Interview tee-shirt I got as a subscriber way back.


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  1. My life from the 80’s is officially over now…


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