Another Stunning Victory For the GOP Freedom Caucasians!

Hey guys, remember yesterday when we told you that the Freedom Caucasians were holding the Farm Bill hostage to force a vote on deporting Dreamers? They killed the Farm Bill!

“The House Freedom Caucus on Friday sank a partisan farm bill over an immigration dispute with GOP leadership, delaying a bill that included President Donald Trump’s push to impose stricter work requirements on food stamp recipients.

“The bill went down, 198-213, after leaders feverishly tried to flip conservative votes on the floor, even leaving the vote open for a time to try to change opponents’ minds. It is a huge setback to the farm lobby and House Speaker Paul Ryan’s welfare reform agenda.”

Oh, yeah: ZEGS poisoned the bill when he included new/more provisions that recipients of SNAP aid had to work so many more hours to earn their help. Does this sound familliar?

“While the farm bill is historically bipartisan legislation, Ryan has backed a Republican-only version this cycle as a way to notch a win on his welfare plan before he retires at the end of the year. House GOP leadership also pitched the bill as a positive messaging tool for the midterms.

“There could not be a better time to take action to help more people join our workforce,” Ryan said at a press conference Thursday, where he lauded the bill as a critical part of the Republican agenda.”

That agenda would be the one where Prznint Stupid’s trade war with China crashes the agriculture market and therefore subsidies to farmers are needed more than ever, or the agenda where punishing poor people for sport gets to be more humiliating?


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5 Responses to Another Stunning Victory For the GOP Freedom Caucasians!

  1. roket says:

    The current Farm Bill expires on 9/30/18. Just in time for the elections since it falls well within the two-month memory span of a Possum Holler resident.

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  2. w3ski4me says:

    I think they are in the business of creating an American Migrant Workforce. I mean, those Tomatoes and Grapes and Lettuce and Crab Picking and Meat processing just aren’t getting done now that we cut off the imported workforce. The American Food Industry needs workers right now. Up until this idea of ‘Welfare to Slavery’, Americans wouldn’t generally choose field work. If it’s that, or total starvation for the entire family, then ‘bam’ you now have a basic slave labor force.
    Think about that one, I am sure Big Ag as already!

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