Shul Days for Theocrat Betsy DeVos

Sec. Betsy DeVos

And now we turn to Betsy DeVos, who has been flying under the radar lately while Scott Pruitt has been drawing all the fire for his obvious corruption.

So what got my attention that DeVos has done, you ask? She’s visiting schools in New York. Private Schools. Private, Religious Schools. Private Jewish Schools. And U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is not scheduled to visit any PUBLIC schools:

“Still, at least one thing appears certain: The country’s top education official has not made plans to visit any district schools in the nation’s largest school system while she’s here, according to city education department spokeswoman Toya Holness.

“And it’s unclear whether she reached out to any of the city’s high-performing charter networks, which would be an obvious way to promote school choice, one of her signature policy goals. Spokespeople for three large networks — Achievement First, KIPP, and Uncommon Schools — all said Monday they were not aware of DeVos reaching out to set up a school visit in New York City.”

Jeebus weeps.

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10 Responses to Shul Days for Theocrat Betsy DeVos

  1. YellowDog says:

    Public schools are the coach class of schools–scary.


  2. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    The real crazy thing here is that the ultra-Orthodox schools are a disaster, many graduates don’t have any skills that would help them in the world outside of their theocratic bubble. Two of the poorest communities in the country are ultra-Orthodox enclaves in NY’s Orange County.

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    • tengrain says:

      That’s exactly the outcome that DeVos wants: rote-trained, mindless theocrats and taxpayer money going to the owners of these schools. They want to brand and sell themselves, School Inc.

      It’s all about the Ameros.




    • Jim says:

      This is also a big issue in Israel where the ultra-Orthodox are basically just welfare leeches who also exempt themselves from national service and harass the secular population, especially women for not being as retrograde as they are. Disgusting.


  3. Czippee l'Shimp says:

    I teach at a small liberal arts university. Most of the students are from the large surrounding community, and the vast majority are first generation college students from lower middle-class or poor families. I love these students, they are dedicated, hard working, clever, and engaged. They are almost all products of public schools. It breaks my heart to see the system that nurtured these brilliant, future assets to our society, crumble behind them. I would like to think that the system is stronger than one religiously insane sociopath, but it may have already been made too fragile by the religiously insane sociopaths at the local school boards.

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  4. Bruce388 says:

    Why would the Secretary of Education want to visit public schools? Would she be looking for Amway recruits?

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  5. roket says:

    She must have one of those ‘beautiful’ minds.

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  6. Torontonian says:

    And she’s being paid with PUBLIC dollars!
    Quelle contradiction!
    Are the private and religious ones in her remit?
    Just asking.


  7. RWW says:

    Is she just multi-level-marketing her shitty Am-Way scam to rubes dumb-enough and craven enough to buy in?


  8. Pyed says:

    DeVos is setting up the school systems of the future in a pyramid scheme where all the money is sent up the pyramid in anticipation of a trickle-down windfall. later. The levels, in ascending order, are pseudo-literate, quasi-literate, barely literate, semi-literate and for the top one percent’s more expensive, exclusive schools, fully-literate.


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