Oh, Boy! Comrade Stupid Has A New Hire!

“Let me introduce myself”
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The press is focusing on the new Center for Disease Control and Prevention head Dr. Robert Redfield’s salary controversy (he will have one of the highest salaries in the Federal Government, but has no experience leading an agency. We’ve seen this story before), but there’s a bigger story buried in the article:

“Redfield’s early engagement with the AIDS epidemic in the US in the 1980s and 90s was controversial. As an Army major at Walter Reed Medical Institute, he designed policies for controlling the disease within the US military that involved placing infected personnel in quarantine and investigating their pasts to identify and track possible sexual partners. Soldiers were routinely discharged and left to die of AIDS, humiliated and jobless, often abandoned by their families.

“In the 1980s Redfield worked closely with W. Shepherd Smith, Jr. and his Christian organization, Americans for a Sound AIDS/HIV Policy, or ASAP. The group maintained that AIDS was “God’s judgment” against homosexuals, spread in an America weakened by single-parent households and loss of family values.

“Redfield wrote the introduction to a 1990 book, “Christians in the Age of AIDS,” co-written by Smith, in which he denounced distribution of sterile needles to drug users and condoms to sexually active adults, and described anti-discrimination programs as the efforts of “false prophets.”

“In the early 1990’s, ASAP and Redfield also backed H.R. 2788, a House bill sponsored by deeply conservative Rep. William Dannemeyer (R-California). It would have subjected people with HIV to testing, loss of professional licenses and would have effectively quarantined them. (The bill died in Congress.) In the 2000s, Redfield was a top advocate for the so-called “ABCs of AIDS” in Africa, pressing to prevent HIV infection through sexual abstinence, monogamy and the use of condoms only as a last resort.

So, you can see that he’s qualified for the Fourth Reich: an overpaid, unqualified bigot who will probably do more damage to his department, but be cheered on by the Fundies.

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  1. roket says:

    Demolition experts make the big bucks.

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  2. osirisopto says:

    He’ll just have to do, since Typhoid Mary isn’t available.

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