News That Will Drive You To Drink

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Calling SoyBlo – We got another one for you:

Wouldn’t it be justice if McLame was to be indicted and arrested? How great would it be if he died in a prison.

Bernstein Status

And again I’m left wondering how the pundits claim that Both Sides Do It. I don’t retract a word of anything I’ve ever said/written about Grandpa Walnuts, but I’ve never wished anything like this on him. And I read a lot of blogs and I’ve not seen anything as horrible as this from the Left. This is a unique moment of cannibalism we are living in, folks.

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11 Responses to News That Will Drive You To Drink

  1. Bruce388 says:

    “How great would it be if he died in prison? I don’t wish him any ill well (sic)…”

    Of course you don’t.


  2. But remember. If we say anything other than paeans to their loveliness, brilliance and niceness, they’ll get angry at us liberals and vote for Trump to spite us.


  3. Pyed says:

    Every time a Teapartisan opens his mouth to say what’s on his mind, one feels as if one were locked inside a well-used, unlimed, privy.

    it takes one’s breath away.

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  4. Infidel753 says:

    Absolutely revolting. There’s no bottom with these people, no limit to the hate and ugliness.

    If this is how they treat a man like McCain, just imagine how they would treat you and me if they got the chance.

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  5. donnah says:

    Not only do these people feel emboldened by Trump and his cretinous party to say threatening and terrible things, they believe they have a right to act that way as well. I see more violence and anger brewing and boiling over as long as Trump remains in power. It’s a scary thought.


    • Osirisopto says:

      Just wait until the next pres election. The Nazis will crawl back out from under their rock, only this time they won’t feel any need for restraint.

      Remember the stories of the Hells Angels being hired as security for a Rolling Stones concert in the ‘60’s?


  6. Redhand says:

    AND he can’t spell. A RWNJ through and through.


  7. roket says:

    Josh has a big BUT.


  8. A.J. says:

    “Both sides” DO NOT do this!

    Bernstein should taken into the deep woods and tied to a tree to be skull-fucked by bears.


  9. FelineMama says:

    Wonder if the book McCain is writing has anything to do with all this ugliness?


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