Why Don’t The GOP Hold Thar Convention In Possum Hollar The Walmart Parking Lot, Y’all?

Trump’s GOP

It seems the 2020 Goat Rodeo has already hit a roadblock: none of the top tier cities wants to host the GOP convention.

“Cities across the country are turning down the opportunity to host the 2020 Republican National Convention, where President Trump is expected to be nominated for a second term.”

“…Only three cities are even in the running to host the GOP in 2020 — and only one, Charlotte, N.C., is public and open about its interest.”

Sounds like all those lawyers beating down the doors to join Team Trump Defense League.

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15 Responses to Why Don’t The GOP Hold Thar Convention In Possum Hollar The Walmart Parking Lot, Y’all?

  1. Pwarten says:

    Am slightly surprised that cities in the deepest of Red States – like Oklahoma City or Dallas or Birmingham AL – aren’t bidding.

    I would accept the argument about the growing security costs of hosting – I can recall Tampa’s in 2012 being a nightmare maze of security hassles – except for the fact that the Democrats are not having this problem. Even THEY are getting offers from Birmingham and other Red State metros. (a side argument can be had that the Democrats aren’t as paranoid about street protests as the GOP is, and so Dem security costs seem much lower)

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    • Osirisopto says:

      It’s not the cost of the security. It’s the grift


      • RWW says:

        Like any typical Trump deal, there’s a clause that says the host city has to pay HIM for the honor of holding HIS coronation and maybe a bigly military parade too.


    • gtomkins says:

      This year’s NRA convention faced pressure to allow open carry. By 2020, will the Rs be able to resist that pressure for their convention? If you are a non-insane city govt, do you want to host a national convention that allows open carry, in the conventions hall or on the streets outside?


  2. Bruce388 says:

    Have they considered Moscow?


  3. MDavis says:

    With Trump close enough to the center, how can the be assured they will be paid as agreed?


  4. Torontonian says:

    What about . . . . Selma, Alabama?
    They’ve had experience with hot issues
    back in the day.


  5. Related: Milwaukee is bidding for the 2020 Dem convention….


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  8. vonBeavis says:

    I read this on C&L, only without the catchy header. John Amato just ain’t up to your level, Tengrain.


    • tengrain says:

      Thanks VonBeavis.

      We have different editors. Heh.

      I have a few ways that I grade my week:

      • The number of articles that C&L publishes of mine!
      • The number of items that makes it into Infidel753’s Weekly Round-up. If you do not follow that blog, you are missing out on one of the best Sunday reads, ever.

      But mostly, I grade my week by what the Scissorheads say. When you guys get a long comment thread going, I feel like I’m finally doin’ sumpin’ right.




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