From Russia, With Love

The 3,500 Russian Facebook ads are here.

Axios tells us:

  • Some of the ads include direct statements on contentious political or social debates. “What will happen if Hitlery becomes President,” asked one sponsored post by a group called Heart of Texas. “Let’s remind them what Texas is made of and show that we’re ready to SECEDE!”
  • Others appeal to a shared common quality — race, sexual orientation or political beliefs, among others — that the page in question claimed to represent. A page called Brown Power posted a graphic, for example, that featured the Mexican and American flags and included the text “Like and share if you’re proud to be Mexican!”
  • Still more tried to entertain the users who saw them, which could have helped to build the page’s audience. A page called Blacktivist posted a “Get you a man who can do both” meme with two photos side by side: one of Barack Obama wearing gym clothes and another of him wearing a tuxedo, giving a toast.
  • Innocuous ads used to build a Facebook page’s following could be followed by more controversial content on the page.

If anyone has any doubts that Russia interfered inthe 2016 Goat Rodeo, this collection released by the Senate Dims should convince him/her. Most corporations don’t do 3,500 ads in a single year.

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2 Responses to From Russia, With Love

  1. RWW says:

    And the Russians didn’t sit back while we voted and just hope all their effort paid off. We know they had access to our election machinery in many or most states, certainly the ones Trump narrowly won against steep odds, and they didn’t just access that machinery to prove to themselves they could access it. Why would they?


    • MDavis says:

      I remember reading that Trump and friends were heard to discuss which states they would need to add to their fold in order to win. Three of the ones mentioned were three states statistically predicted to go for Clinton – but they went for Trump instead. Also, exit polls were wrong again, something that didn’t start happening until the 2000 pres election.
      Try to convince me that the voting machines were not hacked. I won’t even cry like this lady, because it is no surprise.

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