Free Speech Costs a Lot

Republican voter watching morning news

Tiger Beat:

SHELDON ADELSONhas cut a $30 MILLION CHECK to the House GOP-leadership aligned CONGRESSIONAL LEADERSHIP FUND, a massive cash infusion that top Republicans hope will alter the party’s electoral outlook six months before Election Day.

Sure, speech is free; it’s being HEARD that’ll cost ya.

Vote the GOP out.

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3 Responses to Free Speech Costs a Lot

  1. w3ski4me says:

    “30 mill”, to the GOPeee? I understand it is a “Free Country”, but there is just something so wrong about that wizened old Fart Adelson. Of course he supports the “grand old Pedophiles”.


  2. Bruce388 says:

    Only the good die young.

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  3. another kiwi says:

    This must be money he is prepared to lose. He wants the GOP in power but if worst comes to worst he is prepared to kiss that money goodbye.While Elon Musk wants to start a colony on Mars and Zuckerburg wants to buy California, house by house.
    Ain’t capitalism grand?


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