Fake News Enhusiast Delivers Fake News

Trumper tantrum

Here we go again:

Comrade Stupid really wants to be Strongman dictator like Vlad, his dreamboat.

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7 Responses to Fake News Enhusiast Delivers Fake News

  1. donnah says:

    While I know the mainstream media has a lot to answer for in regards to building this FrankenTrump, we still need them for whatever news they can gather. Journalists have dirtied their own names, but they can attempt to redeem themselves by buckling down and asking real questions and demanding answers.

    Since Trump considers himself to be King, he’ll probably soon try to vacate the Press Room in the White House. I hope he can be stopped, but if he’s claiming credit for Obama’s economy and bragging about making America great, he’s pretty confident that he can do whatever he wants.

    C’mon, Mueller!


    • osirisopto says:

      Hi donnas,

      Two things:
      1. The press CAN attempt to redeem themselves, but will they?
      2. There are two chances that the Narcissist-in-Chief will clear out the press room…


  2. Steve-O says:

    tRump did write the fake news is working overtime- I thought he only did executive time?
    Can’t wait until he’s doing time.


  3. Bruce388 says:

    Only 91% of Trump news is negative? They’re STILL going easy on him.


  4. RWW says:

    The WH correspondents are useless stenographers anyway. If they had any guts or decency they would burn their credentials en mass on the WH lawn and walk out. They are just props and foils for Trump’s propaganda machine. It’s pointless and counterproductive to broadcast WH lies as if there’s any legitimate news there. Solution: No more teevee coverage of press briefings, staged events, speeches, rallies, etc. TV anchor should merely report: “President/White House lied again today about X. Here are the actual facts…”


  5. 9thousandfeet says:

    Yep, he longs for the powers of people like Vlad and Kim and that other asshole he fawns over whose name I always forget. Dueteronomy or something is it?

    If it was just him and his immediate circle of sycophants it would be bad enough, but right now he’s got the GOP in a headlock by having colonized their electoral base, so they’ll fly air cover for this kind of shit until that changes, and that’s several orders of magnitude worse. If Trump does actually pull press credentials, there will be noises from the usual suspects in the GOP leadership about it all being “unhelpful”, but that’s about it.

    For those still trying to extract predictions about how this will play out by referencing Watergate and Nixon, please remember that Nixon’s approval rating was firmly in the 20th percentile for almost a full year of increasingly disturbing revelations before the GOP of that era finally turned on him.

    The GOP of that era sure as hell ain’t the same bucket of snakes as what we’ve got now, that’s the first thing, and secondly, Trump is remaining firmly at around 40% approval with no signs at all of that needle moving a single fucking inch, and we’ve already had truckloads of more sinister/embarrasing/unconstitutional revelations in this shitshow than Nixon ever had to endure.

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  6. Randall says:

    Waaaa. WAAAAA. WAAAaaaAAAAaaaaaaaAAAAAA


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