The Titanic Springs a Leak

Little Kremlin-on-the-Potomac

Bob Mueller be like…

The NYTimes reports a long list a questions that Mr. Mueller wants to ask noted Trump Steaks and Vodka peddler, Comrade Trump hisself. And of course instead of concerning themselves with the nature of the questions, the Villagers are all a flutter that there are leaks!

Reliable Sorces email thingie:

“CNN and MSNBC immediately pivoted to the breaking news around 9pm ET. Sean Hannity reluctantly covered the breaking news  too. “I am told by my sources tonight that the NYT is full of crap,” he said. “That a lot of those questions are NOT the questions that the special counsel is asking.” Then he bemoaned anonymous sources, while citing his own sources. Really.

“Guest Sara Carter called it a “disinformation campaign.” Then came this strange comment by Joe Concha: “We keep hearing that Mueller is running a straight-forward, clean investigation. Then how did that get in the pages of the NYT exactly? I’d love to know.”

Well,  this is a Two-Part Duh. First is that leak-free team Mueller read the questions to Preznint Stupid’s legal team while negotiating an interview, and B., the legal team now enjoys the greatest legal brain of his generation, Rudy Giuliani.

We found yer leaker, Comrade. What do we win?

Anyway, this might actually work out well for team Mueller. By revealing the questions, Comrade Trump’s leagal beagles concerns might agree to let Stupid sit for an interview, though the questions could be asked in an open ended way, in which Comrade Preznint might feel empowered to riff and improvise on the answers.

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4 Responses to The Titanic Springs a Leak

  1. RWW says:

    Trump can’t be “interviewed” on Fox & Freaks without unwittingly admitting to felonies. This leak was done to show the droolers and morons how totally unfair Mueller is with these very difficult questions. These questions are the equivalent of making a witch float in water, so therefore it’s all a witch hunt!!!11!!!!!1


  2. Bruce388 says:

    And here he is, acting all innocent again:

    “So disgraceful that the questions concerning the Russian Witch Hunt were ‘leaked’ to the media,” Trump tweeted. “No questions on Collusion. Oh, I see … you have a made up, phony crime, Collusion, that never existed, and an investigation begun with illegally leaked classified information. Nice!”

    The president added: “It would seem very hard to obstruct justice for a crime that never happened! Witch Hunt!”

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    • Jim says:

      Sigh, Trumpie-Dearie, as anyone’s been saying for many months, “collusion” is not a legal term. Conspiracy is and that’s what he would be accused of, assuming that Mueller doesn’t just settle for Obstruction of Justice.


  3. Dimitrios says:

    The Titanic may have sprung a leak, but the Stable Genius Captain of the Good Ship Swampland thinks he’s a u-boat captain.


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