Who Will Cry for Ewick Ewickson?

Ewick is part of the landing party.

Our old pal, Ewick Son-of-Ewick, notable bomb-thrower of the Right, suddenly finds himself on the other end of his own petard, so to speak, because he has aligned himself with the Never Trumpers. What a squish! Let’s listen to his lament:”

“When I uninvited Donald Trump from the RedState Gathering in 2015, I got death threats, harassment, and also saw the more than 30,000 people unsubscribe from the daily email I was sending at the time. That 30,000 came in only a few weeks.”

[Ed. E-Squared sold his blog, Red State, to Salem Media for a princely fortune. They have recently started firing the old guard, many of whom philosophically aligned with Ewick as  Never Trumpers.]

“After saying that I could not support the man for President, I pretty much ensured my days filling in on national talk radio were over for the time being. But not only that, it also played a part in disrupting my career advancement in talk radio to some degree. My bosses were quite worried about my own show, which is significant given its time slot. A few things that seemed just on the horizon have disappeared for now. Thankfully, though, God was watching over me and I’m actually in a stronger position now than before. More on that in a minute.”

“Over the course of the campaign in 2016, we had people show up at our home to threaten us. We had armed guards at the house for a while. My kids were harassed in the store. More than once they came home in tears because other kids were telling them I was going to get killed or that their parents hated me. I got yelled at in the Atlanta airport while peeing by some angry Trump supporter.”

Rather like when you used to sick your orcs and minions on others, eh, Ewick? You know, like when you dubbed Michelle Obama a “Marxist harpy.” Or when you called retiring Supreme Court Justice David Souter “a goat fucking child molester.” And you do recall when you argued that President Obama won the Nobel Prize because of an “affirmative action quota.” What about when you called Wendy Davis, the 2014 Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Texas, “Abortion Barbie.” Maybe your words might have impacted their lives, eh, e-Squared?

But I digress, do continue.

“We got harassed in church and stopped going for a while. A woman in a Bible study told my wife she wanted to slap me across the face My seminary got calls from people demanding I be expelled. And on and on it went. When I nearly died in 2016, I got notes from people upset I was still alive. When I announced my wife had an incurable form of lung cancer, some cheered. All were directed from supposedly evangelical Trump supporters convinced God was punishing me for not siding with his chosen one. For a while, given the nature of what we were getting in the mail, my kids had to stop checking it.”

“When my Fox contract came up, not only did I not want to stay, but Fox made clear they had no use for me. I had jumped from CNN to Fox with a number of promises made, none of which were kept and then wound up hardly ever getting on. After saying I could not support Trump, the purpose of my Fox contract became more about keeping me off anyone’s television screen than putting me on. When I did go on in 2016, I frequently found myself getting called a traitor by some Trump humping celebrity. After the election, that stopped, but most of my appearances did too except from a few kind producers with whom I had become friends.”

Anyway, his lament goes on and on. Ewick, as you may know, started attending Seminary somewhere in Atlanta, feeling that he had a calling of some sort, but to my knowledge, he’s never apologized for any of his more vile and violent rhetoric.

I’m told that part of Seminary is supposed to be putting oneself in the shoes of the other, but this incredibly myopic crise du coeur does not seem to include any introspection:

“Yes, the financial hit has hurt and continues to hurt. I wake up a lot at night worried about making ends meet right now. The loss of the TV contract really does hurt and I worry way more than I should. I gave up my RedState income expecting to make it up at The Resurgent, but have not only never gotten paid, but expended more personal money than I never expected. Now I have the financial burden of this site and medical bills. But it is manageable for now and I never expected to take a strong stand without paying a price. I’d love a white knight or a winning lottery ticket, but I don’t expect those to happen. I just live in prayer a lot more now, which is never a bad thing.”

To paraphrase a Republican campaign slogan of not that long ago, you built it, Ewick. You created this monster that is now threatening you and your family. You profited handsomely from it, too, at a great expense to your foes and to all of the country.

So yeah, Trump is a monster. Trumps followers are monsters. Liberals warned you and your ilk for literally decades that this day of reckoning was coming, and yet you continued. And now we’re supposed to feel sorry… for you?

Here’s the thing: no one, not even someone as foul as Ewick deserves death threats and threats against his family.  The Cult of Trump is dangerous. And yeah, I feel sorry for Ewick and his family.

Perhaps, Ewick, Gawd is trying to tell you sumpin’? Ever thought about that?


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8 Responses to Who Will Cry for Ewick Ewickson?

  1. Thomas Ten Bears says:

    Sorry Ten, but this is one of those rare disagreements: the son of a bitch has no sympathy for me, or my family, I have no sympathy for the son of a bitch, or for his family. As you no doubt know, out here on The High Desert we have this little thing about when you buy the ticket you take the ride.

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    • tengrain says:

      Yeah, I hear you. I think Karma is a bitch, and e-Squared is getting the beginning of his well-deserved pimp-slap from her.

      You gotta dance with them whut brung you.




  2. Osirisopto says:

    Being the bleeding heart liberal I am I’ll cry for hi… All done.

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  3. Dimitrios says:

    I won’t cry for E-Squared’s lost arena,
    Although he loses every beana.
    He bet on winning land,
    Not a noble stand —
    Drown your grief in vino!


  4. roket says:

    A ‘real’ conservative would know how authoritarianism works.


  5. RWW says:

    I find it interesting that his recitation of how the rightwing has bullied and harassed him is fairly dispassionate and matter-of-fact. Compare this to the hyperventilating high dungeon we see when Erik and those of his ilk accuse “the left” of all manner of bullying, political correctness and other shockingly bad behavior. I won’t shed a tear for this turd whose harassment by the Right is all too real and his victimhood by the Left has always been completely fabricated.


  6. moeman says:

    Does EE have Obamacare?


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