G’Bye Dr. Ronnie!

Dr. Ronnie (Marvel name: Midnight Knocker), he of the bountiful pill dispensary (ALLEGED) and pallet of CostCo Gin (ALLEGED)  has withdrawn his nomination to lead the VA, and will wreck cars (ALLEGED) elsewhere!

His full statement via Axios:

“One of the greatest honors in my life has been to serve this country as a physician both on the battlefield with United States Marines and as proud member of the United States Navy.

It has been my distinct honor and privilege to work at the White House and serve three Presidents.

Going into this process, I expected tough questions about how to best care for our veterans, but I did not expect to have to dignify baseless and anonymous attacks on my character and integrity.

The allegations against me are completely false and fabricated. If they had any merit, I would not have been selected, promoted and entrusted to serve in such a sensitive and important role as physician to three presidents over the past 12 years.

In my role as a doctor, I have tirelessly worked to provide excellent care for all my patients. In doing so, I have always adhered to the highest ethical standards.

Unfortunately, because of how Washington works, these false allegations have become a distraction for this President and the important issue we must be addressing – how we give the best care to our nation’s heroes.

While I will forever be grateful for the trust and confidence President Trump has placed in me by giving me this opportunity, I am regretfully withdrawing my nomination to be Secretary for the Department of Veterans Affairs.

I am proud of my service to the country and will always be committed to the brave veterans who volunteer to defend our freedoms.”

Now, of course, this being Comrade Prznint Stupid, there are people saying this was a brilliant, eleventy-dimension chess power move! Also from Axios:

  • What if the goal is to get Democrats to pile on an admiral who passed background checks across Republican and Democratic administrations?
  • Also, White House staff are genuinely defensive of Jackson — a man who’s well liked in the building — against what staff see as unfair airing of unverified allegations.
  • It’s the view of some Republicans that going all-in could backfire on Democrats, especially if some of the allegations are disproven.
  • Adding fuel to that idea, Trump told Fox & Friends this morning that the debacle might cause re-election issues for Montana Democratic Sen. Jon Tester, who circulated the allegations against Jackson: “I think this is going to cause him a lot of problems in his state.”

Sure it will, Comrade. Everyone there is on pins and needles (ALLEGED) about your personal physician being butt-hurt by not being qualified to run a gigantic department.

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4 Responses to G’Bye Dr. Ronnie!

  1. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Jackson is basically Dr Nick from The Simpsons.


  2. osirisopto says:

    “a man who’s well liked in the building”

    The doctor who’s free any easy with the prescription pad is well liked in the White House?

    I think someone’s got a problem, and it ain’t Sen. Tester.

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  3. Dimitrios says:

    Let’s face it, this president would appoint Jack the Ripper as Gynecologist General. if there were such a post.

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  4. roket says:

    That was close. Comrade Preznint Stupid almost had to make a prenintial decision there.


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