Midday Palate Cleanser

“Is the mouse fresh today?”

(Hat tip: Scissorhead Purplehead)

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12 Responses to Midday Palate Cleanser

  1. Dimitrios says:

    Humpf! That’s one time the Missus can’t claim that the cat didn’t catch its dinner.


  2. FelineMama says:

    “I need to smell it first before I buy. Is that fish Pacific or Atlantic? Is the tuna white albacore? Is that chicken free range or penned? I know this stuff, human, I didn’t just walk in off the street!”


  3. Bruce388 says:

    Kitty got a nice reward for maintaining its dignity.


  4. purplehead says:

    I love that the clerk treats the kitty as an adult, as he should.


  5. donnah says:

    I just bought a half pound of salmon at the meat counter today…I hope I was as polite as that kitty!


  6. MDavis says:

    I was curious about what language, so off to Youtube i went.
    From the YouTube comments:
    “He is Turkish butcher İkram Korkmazer from the city of Manisa.”
    Are you hungry still?
    you want some steak?
    No? Okay, how about some sausage?
    You don’t like meatballs? Okay.
    (asks repeatedly for a few times)
    Well, you refuse everything. what are we going to give you?
    You want some beef spleen? Let’s give you some beef spleen
    Okay then, we have a deal.
    (gives cat beef spleen)
    (cat tries to jump to get the meat)
    C’mon buddy, you can do it! Come on, jump
    (cat gets the meat)
    Well done!”

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  7. MDavis says:

    Also, too – thank you for something sweet on another questionably pleasant day. These little treats are life savers, better than beef spleen.

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  8. Redhand says:

    Absolutely charming. Cats sure know how to make their wished known!

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