About Last Night…

Now try getting out of the tree.

Hey guys, did you know that there was an election last night? It’s true! The terrible Sand Kingdom of Arizonastan went to the polls to find a replacement for their would-be staff-banger Rep. Trent (‘She’s having my baby’) Franks!

Here’s the key info to know:

  • Trump won the district by 21 points in 2016
  • Franks won the district in 2016 by 37 pts
  • AZ 08 has a Cook PVI index of R +13
  • The winner will be up for re-election in the 2018 Pie Fight (i.e, about 6 months)

Yes, Debbie Lesko, the Republican , won but only by 5 pts. (52.6 to 47.4 over Democrat Democrat Hiral Tipirneni), and this is a huge, down hill Republican slide no matter how you look at it.

Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) morning email thingie tells us…

“DATAPOINTS: DAVE WASSERMAN (@redistrict): “To win the House, Dems need an average overperformance of 4% vs. @CookPolitical PVI. Here’s their overperformance in the past 8 specials: #KS04: 12% … #MTAL: 8% … #GA06: 6% … #SC05: 7% … #UT03: 6% … #ALSEN: 15% … #PA18: 11% … #AZ08: 11%.”

“… ALSO from Wasserman: “There are 147 GOP-held House seats less Republican than #AZ08. It’s time to start rethinking how many of those are truly safe in November.”

NYTimes leads with “Republicans Lost Support in Every Special Election Since Trump Became President”

It’s an eye-opener for Wingnuttia. It’s not just that they have lost most of the special elections, its that they’ve lost by an average of 20pts.

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6 Responses to About Last Night…

  1. RWW says:

    Their only response, or “solution” to anything is to move further to the right. They already have full-on Nazis and other assorted lunatics rushing to file for office while anyone with a modicum of what passes for GOP sanity has already gone through the fire exit. Polls and facts have a liberal bias. The only direction Trump will lead them is over a cliff. Good times indeed.


  2. Ady Barkan did some great groundwork in that district. He doubted that that the Ds would win, but even getting close matters.

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  4. Moreover Hiral is decidedly a progressive, ‘Democrat from the Wellstone wing of the party’ and she damn near unseated an R in one of the reddest districts in the state, in a county that has seen some serious voting fuckery. Time to throw the GOP some anchors and burn their lifeboats. EVERY RACE EVERY DISTRICT!

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  5. Dimitrios says:

    Six months are a long time, especially in Republican memories, but it does seem like ever correction their wingnut leaders are making is toward the cliff.


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