The Comity/Comedy of the Senate

Schrödinger’s Senator, man of principal (except when he isn’t)

Mike Pompeo’s nomination to be our top diplomat has moved from the Senate Foreign Relations committee, passing 11 – 9 – 1 (“present”), and in a dramatic loss of principle, Schrödinger’s Senator, the physics paradox known in this dimension as Rand Paul, a man from the multiverse where anything is possible including being elected in the 2016 Goat Rodeo and being elected to the Senate or both or neither can happen at the same time or never, changed his vote from a Nay to a Yea after receiving a call from Comrade Stupid.

“Pompeo had seemed unlikely to secure a majority of the panel’s support. But Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), who had pledged to oppose him, tweeted moments before the vote that Trump had talked with him and changed his mind.”

Arcane Senate rules allow an absent member to cast a committee vote, BUT it cannot be the decisive vote. So, Democratic Sen. Chris Coons agreed to vote “present,” because Republican Sen. Johnny Isakson was away at the funeral of a friend. And thus Pompeo’s nomination moved forward.

Thanks a lot, Chris.

Literally, Sen. Bob Corker (R-On The Take), that man of principle who was against the Billions for Billionaires Bill until it was amended to benefit himself, was choking up, he was so moved by Coons giving Comrade Trump a win:

“I, in particular, want to thank Sen. Coons, for displaying the statesmanship that I’ve been accustomed to seeing in the Senate,” Corker, a Tennessee Republican, said while choking up. “And I’m proud of him, I’m proud of our committee and I’m happy for the American people. I think it showed that senators, at the right time, can do outstanding things.”

Anyway, as we noted yesterday, Pompeo is sure to be our next SOS as three Blue Dog Dims have already pledged their votes.

And not that it matters now, but we will have a chance to see if Schrödinger’s Senator is having it both ways: will he vote Yea or Nay in the final vote?

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7 Responses to The Comity/Comedy of the Senate

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  2. Osirisopto says:

    And yet more proof that as long as the US Senate exists we have one, and only one political party.


  3. Ain’t no skin off of Coon’s back when the Koch brothers use their tool Pompeo to engineer global chaos so they can profit from it!

    What bidness are the Kochs in again?


  4. Bruce388 says:

    Another disappointment about Randy’s flip-flop: Now we won’t know what cool nickname Donnie would have given him.


    • ming says:

      You can’t be disappointed if there is no reasonable expectation of him actually following through on his stated principles.


  5. RWW says:

    In honor of all the Statesmanship shown on the Republican side, the newly-minted Merrick Garland Award goes to first recipient Senator Chris Coons. Well done, sir!

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  6. Paul Fredine says:

    when asked, trump said he merely met with rand and convinced him to come around to his way of thinking. the fact that he left dragging a large bag of money (for some reason he wouldn’t take a check) is purely coincidental.

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