CO Representative Doug Lamborn: ‘Oops’

Republicans get to work!

This is to laugh:

Washington (CNN)The Colorado Supreme Court kicked Republican Rep. Doug Lamborn off the primary ballot Monday, throwing the six-term lawmaker’s political future into doubt.

The court ruled that a person who Lamborn had hired to circulate petitions to get on the ballot lived out of state, which invalidated the signatures that person had gathered and pushed Lamborn below the state’s 1,000-signature threshold to qualify for the ballot.

Jeebus, these people.

Anyway, this effectively means that Lamborn is off the primary ballot and probably some other Republican will win the nomination. So… effectively his seat is now open and contested.

Thanks Doug!

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6 Responses to CO Representative Doug Lamborn: ‘Oops’

  1. Kind of a similar thing happened here in Baja Arizona a few years back.

    The local GOP (who are pretty much rabid-racoon-crazy these days) failed to get anyone on the ballot for Mayor, because they couldn’t be arsed to get like 600 signatures of registered Republicans to nominate a candidate. (iirc, this out of a pool of 55K registered Republicans , and there WERE Green and Libertarian candidates on the ballot, because they got enough signatures. Hell we had a primary for Greens that year)

    They wailed and ranted over how deeply unfair it is, that they actually had to work to get elected…and how the MEAN DIMOCRATZZZ!!! were hogging it all!

    Bet this guy tries to take it to SCOTUS wailing about how unfair it is that he has to [gasp] follow the law!!!


  2. ming says:

    There’s a reason we call him Lameborn around these parts. Couldn’t happen to a nicer fella.


  3. Torontonian says:

    You actually need to be a resident of a state to collect signatures
    on a petition? When did this brand of chauvinism come to life?
    What small mind created that condition?


    • tengrain says:

      Each state sets their own voting rules, so what might be true in CO might not apply anywhere else.




    • Possibly as a result of having Russians non-residents messing with their elections? Note these are nominating petitions, not the garden variety petitions for voter initiatives and the like, but having participated in more than one of those, the rules are strict.

      The AZ state supreme court disallowed one voter initiative recently because the font size was a point too small on the back side copy of the initiative. Granted this case was pursued by Rethug legislators trying to shut it down, but sauce for the goose…

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  4. roket says:

    Imagine, if you will, the reaction from the other side if a Democrat tried to pull this stunt. Everything is relative.


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