An Update From Possum Hollar

The Race in MO is On!

Let’s turn our attention to the perennial luckiest woman in American Politics*, Sen. Claire McCaskill (Blue Dog – MO).

As you may recall, her opponents have included Republican incumbent and minimum-wage opponent Jim Talent, and Republican legitimate rape apologist Todd Akin, who explained to us that women’s bodies have a way of shutting that all down.

Now McCaskill faces state Attorney General Josh Hawley, who despite his efforts, seems tainted by (alleged) legitimate rapist, bondage enthusiast, auteur nude photographer, and would-be blackmailer Republican Governor Eric Greitens, who is also facing indictment for stealing a valuable mailing list from a charity he heads as part of fundraising for his gubernatorial campaign.

All this in the age of #MeToo.

“Democrats can hardly believe their good fortune at the same time they pounce. They say Hawley’s outrage at Greitens rings empty, accusing him of going easy on a fellow Republican by stopping or stalling other investigations into the governor’s actions for a year, until Greitens became politically toxic. McCaskill’s party is also hammering Hawley for accepting a $50,000 campaign donation from Greitens in 2016.” 

And if that was not enough, we have actual numbers to report: The Kansas City Star tells us that McCaskill is ahead of Hawley 48% to 44%. Possum Hollar, MO approves of Prznint Stupid by a margin of 50% to 44%. This race should have been McCaskill’s retirement announcement, and it looks like she will have 6 more years to undermine the Democrats.

Go figure.

* Or as Tiger Bear put it, ‘She’s a lucky duck’: GOP implodes again for McCaskill

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3 Responses to An Update From Possum Hollar

  1. tengrain says:

    And yes, I know that in order for the Dems to take back the Senate, we need McCaskill’s seat; we cannot get any legislative priorities without controlling the Senate. I get it.

    I’m really amazed at her luck, is all I’m really trying to say.




  2. RWW says:

    She’s lucky to swim in the sewer of filth that is Misery state Repukelican politics.


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