From ‘The Kenyan Made Me Do It’ Files

The Kenyan Usurper shakes hands with the Reasonable Conservative

The race to see who can grift the most Ameros from the Treasury has a new leader in the pole position. Sure, we’ve had Bennie-the-Blade’s $31K whore-house-styled kitchen table, and fossil-fuel fetishist Scott Pruitt’s $43K Cone of Silence, but these boys are pikers compared with tariff enthusiast US Trade Wars Representative  Robert Lighthizer

Show ’em how it’s done, Lighthizer:

  • $3,500 on an antique desk
  • $859 on a much-needed Executive Office of the Prznint plaque, you know, incase he forgets who he works for.
  • $830 to “transport and install two paintings on loan from the Smithsonian”
  • $475,000 to Executive Furniture of Washington, D.C.

For his staff, Lighthizer bought:

  • $18,500 for 60 sit-stand desks
  • $290,000 for a modular wall system (think GAP displays?)
  • $54,000 for 90 Herman Miller Aeron office chairs

Clearly Robert Lighthizer is not a fan of Trading Spaces.

But here’s the kicker. Lighthizer’s office explained his free-spending ways thusly:

“The furniture purchases are the culmination of a longtime, planned project that began under the Obama administration to replace two-decade-old furniture.”


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