29 minutes later…

Eleventy-dimensional Stratergery from Devin Nunes!

…the Republicans leaked the subpoena’ed Comey memos to AP.

TPM has the memos.

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10 Responses to 29 minutes later…

  1. another kiwi says:

    Panic button you say?

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  2. But, but but, Comey should go to jail for leaking these top-sekrit-not-real-at-all memos! per Preznit Stupid.

    Doesn’t this mean Devin Nunes should be behind bars?

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  3. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    I just watched the video of loony Loomer getting escorted out of Comey’s Barnes and Nobel reading- security should have marched her straight to the Penguin Classics section and forced her to read ‘Julius Caesar’.


  4. Pyed Typer says:

    Oh come now, it couldn’t have been 29 minutes until the Republicans leaked the memos, Surely it took TPM a couple of minutes to set up the post before publishing it,


  5. Gerald Parks says:

    AND … who in their right mind is shocked by THIS turn of events?
    This isn’t a leak … its a freaking pipe line!


  6. Condi says:

    This just in: Giuliani is joining the president‘s legal team, out of his “deep respect” for both the president and Bob Mueller.

    No word yet as to whether the terms of his employment require him to be in drag.


    • Pyed Typer says:

      The terms of one apprehending Giuliani demands that he be in drag, or what’s the use of observing?


  7. Osirisopto says:

    And the Mango Hued Shitgibbon declared Comey’s memos proved there was no collusion.

    At this point I he’ll claim the release of unemployment figures prove there was NO COLLUSION! (Except Hillary’s).


  8. mellowjohn says:

    kinda surprised it took that long.


  9. RWW says:

    They’ll say the Comey memos were on Hillary’s “unsecure private server” and that’s how they were leaked. And lock her up.


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