RIP, Harry Anderson

The LATimes has a great obit on the late comic. Anderson was 65, which is way too young.

I saw his comedy-magic act years ago in LA, he was very good. I always thought of him as a prop comic, but that’s also because very few magic acts are also comedic. The misdirection was always funny, but I didn’t think it would carry a career, and I was wrong.

To my mind, his best character was when he was on Cheers as a conman/grifter, Harry the Hat. It was really inspired:

Goodbye, Harry, it was fun. You are already missed, and where the hell did my watch go?

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4 Responses to RIP, Harry Anderson

  1. I know it is not cool, but I loved Night Court. His work with John Astin on the show was sublime….but I’m feeling MUCH better now.

    ar, far too young.


    • MDavis says:

      Night Court is where I first saw Harry. I don’t care if it is cool or not, I loved that show, too.


      • tengrain says:

        I liked Night Court, too. It had a really long run and won a good number of awards; there is no shame in liking it; in fact disliking it might be… disturbing.

        I just liked the character of Harry the Hat a lot. It reminded me a little of his magic act. I have a soft spot for comic con men.




  2. paleotectonics says:


    I liked Harry the Hat too (but not a fan of Cheers, so I do not know how much I saw him there.) I lovedlovedloved Night Court, and was thinking about it today, probably subliminally caught that he had passed. His prank war with another judge provided one of my many mottos – “He may be younger, he may be smarter than I am, but he will never, EVER be crazier than I am!”



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