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Little Kremlin-on-the-Potomac

Bob Mueller be like…

“Is it irresponsible to speculate? It would be irresponsible not to.” – Bacardi Lifetime Achievement Winner, Peggy Noonan, Wall St. Journal, April 2000.

There are three stories about Comrade Trump’s stupidest lawyer Michael Cohen that are intersecting, and while they have various elements of speculation surrounding them, if they converge then there is indeed collusion. We have no idea if they overlap, and we certainly do not know what Mr. Mueller knows, but the coincidence is too much for spitballers to ignore:

  1. McClatchy: Sources: Mueller has evidence Cohen was in Prague in 2016, confirming part of dossier
  2. Daily Kos: Guess who else was in Prague when Michael Cohen was there …
  3. We’ll get to the third one in a moment.

The McClatchy story is interesting because it puts Cohen in a double-blind: If Mueller has proof that he was in Prague, then he lied previously and that’s time in the sneezer.

Here’s Michael Carpenter’s bio on Twitter:

Senior Director . Former DASD for Russia/Balkans/Eurasia , Foreign Policy Advisor , and Director for Russia .

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I don’t believe in coincidences like this. Janet  Jessica Fletcher in Cabot Cove would be laughed off of Murder, She Wrote for such preposterous coincidences.

Proving Cohen was in Prague might be problematical, as the the Czech Republic is part of the Schengen Area in which 26 nations operate with open borders: there are no passports stamps from going from one to another. So flying into Germany gets a stamp, flying into Italy gets a stamp, but taking the train from Germany to Prague does not.

Cohen was in Germany and Rome that year and could have travelled across the border undetected. Or, like Paul Manafort, he might have multiple passports heretofore unknown. Now, if Cohen paid in cash for tickets to Prague, it might be pretty untraceable, but if he slipped up and bought anything with a credit card while there, BOOM.

Cohen has said he was in Los Angeles during this time, so that should be easier to prove, but so far no news on that front. So if there’s no trace of him in LA, then he is lying to Mueller. It’s pretty much a trap.

And here’s the third story, at long last:

The Kos story puts Cohen in Prague at the same time that the Russian Hacker Yevgeniy Nikulin was there. So who is Nikulin, you ask?

The Guardian:

“There is no acknowledged link between Nikulin’s alleged offences and the hacking of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, but his arrest came just three days before the Obama administration formally accused Russia of stealing emails from the Democratic National Committee and disclosing them through WikiLeaks.

“Formspring, one of the sites he allegedly hacked, was the platform used for sexting by Anthony Weiner, the former New York mayoral candidate and husband of Huma Abedin, Clinton’s closest aide. The discovery of emails linked to Clinton on Weiner’s laptop damaged her campaign in its final two weeks after the FBI director, James Comey, revealed their existence.”

Nikulin has just been extradited to the United States. He could be a witness for who was at this meeting.

“The legal team for Yevgeniy Nikulin, the Russian hacker accused of stealing data from LinkedIn and other American tech firms, will explore a plea deal with the U.S. government, according to Nikulin’s lawyer, Arkady Bukh.”

Anyway, if these three stories can be proven, then almost all of the important parts of the Steel Dossier will be confirmed.

* Hat tip/stolen from: Scissorhead Jim

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  1. If trump&Co don’t think that Nikulin won’t flip on them in the briefest of heartbeats, they’re even stupider than I thought. Pooty poot would LOVE it if he could cause even more chaos in the US by getting a huge impeachment spectacle going.

    They just never believed it would be their turn in the barrel…

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  2. Karla says:

    Slightly off-topic, #4: Cohen’s 3rd (of 3) clients is Sean Hannity. No wonder he’s screaming about Cohen’s office etc being raided.


  3. mellowjohn says:

    Jessica Fletcher. and I’m embarrassed that I know that.


  4. YellowDog says:

    Did 45* think Cohen was a standup guy and would take the fall when the tower of cards collapsed? Cohen is fall down stupid, but he’s not stupid enough to take a 10-year beef for him. He knows what happens to people who are inconvenient in Trump World. 45* doesn’t know them anymore. There is a good argument that the presidential pardon power was not intended to cover up the president’s own high crimes and misdemeanors. George Mason did not sign the Constitution because, among other reasons, he felt the pardon power would be subject to abuse.


  5. osirisopto says:

    I just saw this in dos comments:

    “Hannity, America’s walking whoopie cushion, ultimately taken down by Trump’s penis?”

    The Goddess Iron is kind to her devoted followers.


  6. Pyed Typer says:

    Why do I suspect that Cohen’s slink into Prague was as unnoticeable as that strutting Owl?


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