BS Barbie: ‘[Comey] Swung The Election’

BS Barbie Has Had some Work Done

So, she agrees that Prznint Stupid should not have won?

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3 Responses to BS Barbie: ‘[Comey] Swung The Election’

  1. I think that NO one in the Prznit Stupid camp thought he was going to win. It was SUPPOSED to be a run up to TrumpTV where they’d get all those sweet Ameros from our Fox Rage Aunts and Uncles…


  2. RWW says:

    Old lies in new bottles. Notice how she said she talked to Prznint Stupid before the Comey interview, not answering George’s question, then went on to her usual word salad approach telling us what she thought of Comey as if anyone cares what a paid liar like her “thinks” about anything. Oh, and being a hag is the least of her faults.


  3. Pyed Typer says:

    This video clip falls under the heading of RWNJ lying on the boob tube for fun and profit, but have you checked out that Fox News chevron?

    Categorized as a “Fox News Alert”
    “I, too, have Turkish Delight, Son of Adam”

    Granted, I never watch Fox News except in clips on blogs or YouTube, but that is wonderous bizarre.


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