Operation Desert Stormy*

“Spring time for Hair Führer and G-O-P…”

Last night Comrade Stupid bombed Syria. It was a You’re Fired’ed Friday and Stupid needed a plot twist that would reset the weekend away from James Comey’s book and from the developing scandal of his stupidest lawyer and amatuer recording enthusiast Michael Cohen.

Commander Stupid also needed to be careful not to tick off his boyfriend (you don’t want to break up before the hop), so he warned Vlad that the attack was coming. Thoughtful to give him a couple of days to move his planes and whatnot.

We will see how his MAGA America firsters react, but I suspect it will not be well. The only people who are probably nodding sagely and sporting wood are Bill Kristol and the NeoCons (worst oompah band ever).

*Stolen from Bill Maher

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4 Responses to Operation Desert Stormy*

  1. Jim says:

    Even better than “Wag the Prague”.


  2. In Soviet trump America, dog wag YOU!

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  3. Those holding Raytheon stock are also experiencing portfolio turgidity.

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  4. Pyed Typer says:

    It must be simply horrific to see all that scorched desert sand and exploded American technology.



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