‘You’ve Got Fail’

Prznint Comrade speaks!

Prznint Pettypants has taken his mean girl jealousy with billionaire WaPo owner, Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos, to a new low:

“WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump on Thursday ordered the creation of a task force to study the U.S. Postal Service and its financial difficulties, after recently claiming without evidence that deliveries for Amazon.com Inc (AMZN.O) were costing the service money.... 

“The USPS is on an unsustainable financial path and must be restructured to prevent a taxpayer-funded bailout,” said the order, signed by Trump. It said the Postal Service had lost $65 billion since the 2007-2009 recession.

“The Postal Service, which is supposed to be self-sustaining, must ask Congress for permission to raise rates and must pre-fund decades worth of retiree health benefits.”

Reminds me of when Comrade Trump asserted—without evidence—that the Kenyan Usurper had wire tapped Trump Tower. And so we’re going to now waste time and money investigating the USPS because the short fingered vulgarian wants to dick-measure sword fight with the bigger billionaire.

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6 Responses to ‘You’ve Got Fail’

  1. Karla says:

    A really awesome result of this would be if the law that requires USPS to fund its health care and pensions for the next 75 years is publicized, and then eliminated. The USPS would have no financial difficulties if that was dropped.

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    • RWW says:

      Exactly right. It was the last “unified Republican government” that saddled the USPS with that absurd 75 year funding obligation. What’s Prznint Dumbshit going to do about that?


      • tengrain says:

        It would be remarkable if that law got cited. It would be a miracle if that law got repealed. The GOP enacted that thing to try to break the US Postal Workers’ Union, which is one of the largest and strongest in the country.




  2. roket says:

    Um, the republican party has always been at war with the USPS. Their ultimate goal is to privatize it.


    • lugnutism says:

      Yep! And if they say anything about it, ask them this: “Article I, Section 8, Clause 7 exists for a reason. What’s your problem with the US Constitution, friend?”

      John Boehner can rot, just for his USPS pension chicanery.


    • Bruce388 says:

      Those political contributions from FedEx and UPS may have an impact on their thinking.


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