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John-John? You be the judge!
(H/T: Scissorhead Skinny-D)

Our FAVORITE new nutty conspiracy theorist pal Liz Crokin has cracked the code of the QAnon/The Storm conspiracy theory, which alleges that President Trump is secretly working to take down a massive satanic pedophile-cannibal ring that involves untold numbers of elite political, business and entertainment leaders.

She figured out who it is that is helping Comrade Stupid: JFK Jr.!!1!

“So, last week I came across a post on Corsi’s twitter about a bell on JFK’s yacht. Followed by a reply with this sweet Q tribute to JFK. I had been noticing a ton of JFK references in many Q posts. Which makes sense since Trump is essentially following the footsteps of JFK but then I started thinking about the comment Q made. “Wait until you see who’s been posting on here”. I just couldn’t get it out of my mind.

“Flynn was my first choice but I don’t think it is him because he won’t have ANY credibility with the sheeple!! Seth Rich was another option but same thing. He would have zero credibility. I thought it must be someone that if the truth is ever revealed to the masses regarding who Q and his team is it would need to be someone that the mass population would believe. And then I saw the bell and the sweet tribute. It occurred to me that it might be John John. I knew absolutely zero about his death. I was in college when it happened. But someone on FB saw my theory and shared a video with me. I have to say that there is plenty of evidence showing that John John could have either staged his own death or White Hats could have saved him in the 15 hours it took for them to even start looking for his plane!!”


(It goes on and on and explains how a lot of dead people are actually not dead, but working on this and other projects because… well, reasons.)

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  1. Yah know, I gotta say this for her, she’s sure got a hella hallucinogen connection active imagination…

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  2. M. Bouffant says:

    I’ve had this tab open for a few days, trying to decide if I should pick on the apparently literally brain-damaged. Well, why not?

    Crokin’s professional and personal life took a turn for the worse. She fell ill in late September 2012 and was forced to check into Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles. Doctors diagnosed her with a viral form of meningitis that developed into meningoencephalitis, a dangerous swelling of the brain that Crokin says caused daily migraines and vertigo and left her unable to work as a result of photophobia (an extreme aversion to light) resulting from brain damage.


    Crokin has said her brain “started healing itself” in 2015, and by 2016 she was writing again—this time for the far-right conservative magazine and website Townhall—particularly about the issue of child sex trafficking. Reading the leaked Democratic National Committee e-mails “really woke me up to how real of a problem this is,” she said in an interview with the YouTube show Through the Black.

    Over the last year and a half, colleagues and former friends of Crokin say, her social media posts began to become more “delusional” (“I had to hide her posts because they were so crazy,” said one friend).


    “That’s very hard for the public to process,” Crokin said on Dave Hodges’s The Common Sense Show. “So President Trump and his people understand that they can’t just come out one day and be like, ‘Oh hey, one-third of the government is raping children and sacrificing them and drinking their blood and they’re Satanists.’ You just can’t drop that bomb on people; people can’t process that information like that, they need it in doses, they need to be conditioned. So what we have going on behind the scenes is that . . . the Trump administration is slowly trying to condition the public and try to prepare them for what’s about to go down.”

    That’s why Crokin is so ecstatic about the return of Roseanne Barr to national prominence. She’s helping to normalize the conspiracy theory.

    “She has been at the forefront of this. She’s an absolute beacon of light,” Crokin said.

    Much more fun at the link.


  3. roket says:

    All I need to know is if you find the basement is the pizza free?

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  4. YellowDog says:

    The DACA kids are really being saved by being deported? Humanitarian crisis averted!


  5. HarpoSnarx says:

    Did she mention Billary’s DC apartment where Vince Foster was offed after he swept the Mena Airport runway?

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  6. jimbo57 says:

    I hear Elvis hisself is gonna bust them poor chillen outta that secret NASA sex prison on Mars…


  7. paul fredine says:

    her brain didn’t ‘heal itself’, it packed up, left and was replaced by a sentient mushroom with paranoid delusions.


  8. Pyed Typer says:

    Ar long last, Richard Nixon is leading a misfit Quilting Bee to finally save the two young Princes from the Tower of London.


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