Catch a Wave


Cook Political Report:

“Our latest ratings feature 55 competitive seats (Toss Up or Lean Democratic/Republican), including 50 currently held by Republicans and five held by Democrats. There are also three non-competitive seats poised to switch parties thanks to Pennsylvania’s new map (PA-05 and PA-06 to Democrats, PA-14 to Republicans). Overall, Democrats would need to win 27 of the 55 competitive races to win a majority. We continue to view Democrats the slight favorites for House control.”

The chart linked to in the Cook’s quote requires you to know which party the candidates are in, but the headers tell the real story: there are no Democrats in danger of losing their seats, and 50 seats are in play and most of them are trending towards the Dims.

And a special note to Scissorhead Purplehead: #3 GOP in the House, Spokane’s Cathy McMorris-Rogers seat (R+8)  is in play.


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  1. JTO says:

    There was a time, long, long ago, that the good people of Spokane were able to elect a Dem, and keep him there long enough to be the Speaker of the House.
    Strange, I know, but true.
    Tom Foley.
    Now, since 1994, I am not sure what has happened to those good people. RWTR + Oxy + ? and Crazy Uncle, Aunt and Cousin Liberty have been hitting it hard for 24 years. (fuck, I am old) – maybe it is time for those good peoples’ grandkids to figger some shit out – ’cause there is something wrong amongst their children.

    In Solidarlity, Arctic Socialist Hellscape of Brown Cheese and Waffles.

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