Activism: Honor Among Thieves

Since the boss is unavailable right now I can sneak one in.

Welcome A New Member of the Corrupt Bastards Club ™

From Digby:

People thought his cabinet members are so rich they would not have to be corrupt. It turns out that assumption was faulty and Trump’s base doesn’t care, Navarro said. She criticized Republicans for standing by an administrion (sic) they would be investigating if led by a Democrat.

Not only was Pruitt getting a $50 per night — only when he sleeps there — sweetheart deal on a Capitol Hill condo from the wife of a lobbyist, his landlord was pestering him because Pruitt fell behind on payments:

Gee who would have thought a corrupt bastard would screw his corrupt buddies.

A call to action:

Be the solution you want to see.

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3 Responses to Activism: Honor Among Thieves

  1. Richard Garrett says:

    This ‘I’m rich so no need for me to be corrupt’ argument never made sense to me, since it’s pretty obvious that in order to be rich you pretty much have to be corrupt already. This isn’t behavior that these people suddenly started exhibiting once installed in office.

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  2. Ali Redford says:

    Thank you for posting this, O-. I just posted as far and wide as my posts go.
    I was just having this conversation with someone yesterday. She’s a wonderful person, but says she can’t get involved because it’s too corrupt. The conversation tends to stop there, since the people I know (good people, too, who are well aware in general!) tend to glaze over when it’s explained that the corruption ends when people who aren’t corruptible fill the positions. This will be a big help.

    I hope. 🙂


  3. Batman 54 says:

    It’s not a failure of conservatism. It’s a feature!!!!


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