State Media: Moose & Squirrel Update With Comrade Boris

The Death of the Media

This just gets better and better. “Many hectares of beet harvest. Good year in collective, comrades!”

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4 Responses to State Media: Moose & Squirrel Update With Comrade Boris

  1. They should run them at 5:30 AM, “Trump’s tariffs are wonderful!”

    Now to you Tom, with the morning crop report … “Soybean futures just fell through the floor into the cellar, and forecasters are predicting record low hog prices, thanks to recent counter-revolutionary treachery by the running-dog capitalist lackeys of Beijing…”

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  2. RWW says:

    Boris, your statistics are complete bullshit, and worse they are just plain BORING, especially to the dumbed-down rube audience watching your shitty bottomfeeder segments. As Dear Leader would say…Very Low Energy! Plus, not nearly enough praise was heaped upon His Greatness in every sentence and your graphics suck too. You should have put up cartoon show with Trump as Godzilla squashing South Korean autos under his feet and wrecking steel mills with his mighty tail. That’s how you win trade wars!


  3. Karla says:

    His mush mouth is so annoying. That and his repetitive hand gesture. If I were to watch a Sinclair station, I would grab the remote immediately if I saw his mug appear. Yikes.


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