Trade Wars

About those tariffs…

And now we’re in a trade war:

“China said it would levy an additional 25 percent tariff on imports of 106 U.S. products including soybeans, automobiles, chemicals and aircraft, in response to proposed American duties on its high-tech goods.

Remember what we said yesterday about pork producers from Possum Hollar being targeted? Per Bloomberg data, biggest soybean producers include: Ohio, Iowa, Missouri, Indiana. I think we all know where US cars are made. But I interrupted, do continue:

“Matching the scale of proposed U.S. tariffs announced the previous day, the Ministry of Commerce in Beijing said the charges will apply to around $50 billion of U.S. imports. Officials signaled that the implementation of the proposed measures will depend on when the U.S. applies its own after a period of public consultation. …

“Beijing’s proposed targets strike at the core of commercial relations between the two countries, and at some of the most politically sensitive goods in core Trump constituencies.”

Indeed it does. China is being very strategic; Trump is not. So as we noted before, Possum Hollar is going to pay for protecting Hollywood’s IP.

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11 Responses to Trade Wars

  1. Torontonian says:

    Aren’t those four states Republican?
    If so, then that’s a real Asian kick in the
    teeth of the Excited States’ leader.


    • No it isn’t. I’ll lay 800 Quatloos that the next damn Cletus Safari to soybean country will turn up MAGAts who will praise Dear Orange Leader to the skies and blame Crooked Hillary and the Lügenpresse for spreading the Fake News that China is causing their economy to crash.


  2. moeman says:

    “Four legs good, two legs bad’.

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  3. RWW says:

    We better make Trump president for life so he can keep ramping up this trade war until we’re tired of winning.


  4. roket says:

    In this analogy, Trump is the ant and China is the benevolent Pastor who can giveth and can taketh away. Meanwhile, while China plays chess, Trump plays peek-a-boo. Woe to the Republic.

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    • Hell China could dumb it all the way down to tic-tac-toe and they’d still come out on top. If/when Hair Führer meets Kim Jong Il, we’re going to be lucky if he doesn’t sell half the US to NK. for the rights to build Trump Tower Pyongang


  5. w3ski4me says:

    Didn’t we just set up deals for China to process and package raw pork And chicken for redistribution in the US? I “wonder” how much those items will go up in price, now?
    This so seems like a profit making venture for someone and not “protection” except as in “Racket/Mob”.
    tRump has Bankrupted many an operation, not unlike “Bain Capitol” and others. I so suspect he is doing the same to us.


  6. Buttemilk Sky says:

    China should institute a minimum wage so the Drumpfs will have to pay more to have their shoddy junk produced there. A twenty-dollar MAGA hat should come in at, say, fifteen bucks for materials and labor, figure in the shipping, and there goes the profit. Of course, they’ll just move production to some shithole country like Haiti, but that will cost them, too. No, I don’t have a 401-K, but I know people who do, and they can’t take much more of the stable genius’s winning.


  7. Pyed Typer says:

    Why do I feel like the country is about to go to war behind Ming the Merciless?

    A creepy leader who wears a tacky uniform, check.
    Quasi-beautiful but toxic daughter, check.
    Never spares a thought for his loyal minions, check,
    Goes directly to the nuclear option within thirty seconds of a negotiation, check.
    Various unallied forces of the universe rallying to oppose him, check.
    Fated to be publicly skewered in the most grisly fashion before he’s through…


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