Make A Run for the Border

“Kay pasta, amoebas!”


“The White House said Tuesday night that President Trump planned to deploy the National Guard to the southern border to confront what it called a growing threat of illegal immigrants, drugs and crime from Central America after the president for the third consecutive day warned about the looming dangers of unchecked immigration.

“Mr. Trump’s advisers said Monday that he was readying new legislation to block migrants and asylum seekers, including young unaccompanied children, from entering the United States, opening a new front in the immigration crackdown that he has pressed since taking office. But in remarks on Tuesday that caught some of his top advisers by surprise, he suggested the more drastic approach of sending in the military to do what immigration authorities could not.”

As Scissorheads pointed out yesterday, this has been done before with the National Guard (Chimpy and the Kenyan Usurper both), and that’s probably what Commander Bunnypants will do, but this is more about optics to keep Possum Hollar excited than about actually doing anything. I read one analysis yesterday that suggested that the new deployment usually ends up doing the paperwork for the professionals. The Guard doesn’t have the training and/or the equipment for this, and presumably the border state governors MUST be onboard to make this happen.

Your move, Gov. Brown.

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5 Responses to Make A Run for the Border

  1. roket says:

    Blocking migrants and asylum seekers, including young unaccompanied children, sounds just like something a Christian nation would do.


  2. osirisopto says:

    I get his strategy – Mexico won’t pay for his fucking wall, Congress won’t pay for it, and the Military won’t pay for it. So now he’s going to try to make the states pay for it.

    I can just see all the border states embracing this idea enthusiastically just as they’re finalizing their disaster preparedness plans for the upcoming wildfire season.

    What’s next? Making the refugees pay for it themselves?


  3. Condi says:

    Would be just like this asshole to long-tern stake out the NG along the entire border, then make a play to defund both SS and Medicaid on the grounds the government is broke…


  4. RWW says:

    “We really need the National Guard down there on the border. Tall ones, fat ones, really fat, like 400 pounds, like that guy in the basement hacking DNC emails, the best guardsmen, but invisible and see through. We need them to be see through, because Mexicans are on the other side and they have drugs and tacos. We can’t let them sell their tacos here. It’s totally unfair. So we need the see through and ending NAFTA…”

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  5. Pyed Typer says:

    I almost want the damn fence built, at least a part of it, just to see how many nights it will take before some would-be street artist tags it.


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