Lock Him Up! Lock Him Up!

But His Emails, cont.

More exciting news from Trump HQs!


“The security advocacy group Global Cyber Alliance tested the 26 email domains managed by the Executive Office of the President (EOP) and found that only one fully implements a security protocol that verifies the emails as genuinely from the White House. Of the 26 domains, 18 are not in compliance with a Department of Homeland Security directive to implement that protocol.

“Why it matters: Imagine the havoc someone could cause sending misinformation from a presidential aide’s account: Such fraudulent messages could be used in phishing campaigns, to spread misinformation to careless reporters, or to embarrass White House employees by sending fake tirades under their names.”

“Say, I gotta idea…,” Comrade Stupid did not say,  “What’s Tiny Jeff’s email address?” Trump didn’t add, “Bye-Bye Mueller!”

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