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She seems nice:

You only have to listen to the first few seconds of Sheila Zilinsky’s show to hear a two-fer smear of David Hogg from the Xristians that totally made my jaw drop.

She said WHAT?!

Anyway, she’s new to me, but she seems promising as a conspiracy theorist and theocrat-wannabe. Her website describes her thusly:

“Hailed as ‘Alex Jones in a skirt’, she exposes the emergence of the New World Order, totalitarianism, tyranny, the steady erosion of freedoms, liberties & sovereignty; as well as the extirpation of Christian values. She wages war against establishment corruption, corporate fascism, eugenics, martial law, the encroaching draconian police state as well as the unseen hand of evil orchestrating world events.

And if you search for a picture of Sheila Zilinsky, you see she quite does look like Alex Jones in a skirt, and we apologize to Mr. Jones. But SHE SAID IT, not me.

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6 Responses to News That Will Drive You To Drink

  1. Jim says:



  2. Steve-O says:

    And she has a ministry because of course she does.
    It is all about revenue streams!


  3. Pyed Typer says:

    In 2018, I’m sorry to hear a woman with so much self-loathing that she thinks that calling David Hogg a female is a put-down. That she attacks the survivor of a mass murderer’s attack is bad, worse because he is a minor, but that she does so while applying an epithet which presumes a deficiency in the sex she herself belongs to and being unaware, is the epitome of obliviousness.


  4. purplehead says:

    Eeeeks! Botox Nation.


  5. Osirisopto says:

    Ministry? Her twitter handle is weekend vigilante. Her version of god leaves a lot to be desired.

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  6. paul fredine says:

    looks like alex? uhhhh, nope. her profile pic makes stormy look like a nun (well, kinda) by comparison. tammy faye, who never met a false eyelash she didn’t like, would probably call her look ‘hooker chic’.


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