The Race To Be Comms Director

The Race to be Comrade Stupid’s Communications Director Begins!

Hope Hick’s last day was yesterday, and Comrade Stupid is now directionless in communication strategy (hahaha, it’s Twitter only). The morning email thingies are all going in 2 directions on who will replace her:

I can only imagine how this will play out.

“Trump has expressed frustration at the management structure in the West Wing, believing it doesn’t suit the freewheeling style he employed as a businessman. And he’s persistently annoyed by headlines and television coverage of his presidency. After a year in office, he’s more willing to change long-established West Wing structures, people familiar with his thinking say.”

Yup, stable genius Comrade Stupid cannot think of anyone who is smarter than himself, more handsome and telegenic, nor more gifted and with a YUGE vocabulary of big words, bigly, you bet.

The new Quatloo is released.

I’ll wager 5K Quatloos that Trump doesn’t replace Hicks and does it all himself.

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16 Responses to The Race To Be Comms Director

  1. roket says:

    Don the Con is a multitasker. He can be Preznint, Comm Director AND Chief of Staff, except on weekends. Weekends are for golf and holding court at the winter white house. There is nothing that could possibly go wrong, believe him.

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  2. Sirius Lunacy says:

    Comm director Tweet’l D.Trump.

    He said he would get all the best people. We shouldn’t be too surprised to find that in his mind all the best people are him.

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  3. “Today I am announcing several changes in White House staffing. The new Communication Director of the White House is John Barron, fine man, I’ve worked with him for decades! I’d also like to announce my new Chief of Staff David Dennison. “

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  4. Redhand says:

    I tried to say earlier what his “management” philosophy” is. Don’t think I was successful.

    Take Two. Basically, he thinks that he can run the federal government “like a business.” But by that he means a corrupt, closely-held concern rife with cronyism, self-dealing, criminality, influence peddling, fraud, and lies, where he can make up the “rules” as he goes along.

    He hasn’t the slightest insight into the nature of the entity he heads — the federal government — including the laws he’s supposed to administer, and his responsibilities as President. And, he doesn’t care. He’s trying to run the federal government like the conman he’s always been.

    It’s not working, bigly.

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  6. FelineMama says:

    OH YEAH, donnie, GO FOR IT!!!!


  7. another kiwi says:

    So now press conferences are going to be Huckabee-Saunders mouthing like a fish and Dondald’s voice form off-stage? Can’t fail.


  8. Abu Scooter says:

    The good folks who manage English-language dictionaries really ought to amend the definition of “freewheeling” to read:

    free•wheel’•ing [adj.] (1) using ideas composed entirely of bullshit; (2)…

    because that’s the only way I’ve ever understood it, especially regarding “managers” like Dolt 45.


    • MDavis says:

      I think of the term “freewheeling” as being from the clutch being disengaged but the flywheel continuing to turn, doing nothing – i.e.: freewheeling. Hence, a freewheeling fella has no conception that his actions have consequences he might not like, because he is just acting to keep the plates spinning (mix of metaphors, sorry) rather than in service of any particular result.


  9. Pyed Typer says:

    If Trump is his own Communication Director, that means he’ll have to tell his own lies, backing down off the lies he told previously in his own person.


    • osirisopto says:

      Wow! You’re right. He would have to confirm his own contradictory bullshit. Then he could contradict the confirmation of his contradiction with a new contradiction of his original before the end of the presser.

      He might collapse under the weight of his own bullshit forming a singularity of incompetence and the entire gaggle would trapped at the event horizon.


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