Somewhere Scott Pruitt is Double-Parked With The Engine Running

Keep on fappin’

The LATimes tells us that the EPA is going to announce that it’s undoing or at least weakening standards that govern vehicle fuel efficiency. EPA Director Scott  Pruitt and noted fossil fuel fetishist (Hubb-hubba!)  says that puts a huge burden on car makers.

The EPA is expected to announce “that it will scrap mileage targets the Obama administration … that aim to boost average fuel economy for passenger cars and SUVs to 55 miles per gallon by 2025.” The EPA (at the time) called it the ‘the most significant federal action ever taken to reduce [greenhouse gas] emissions

No doubt that California will sue the Fourth Reich for the right to set its own, stricter standard, and that could create two separate vehicle markets, and probably a handful of other states will join. Also/too: California is the largest car market in the country, what with about 20% of the citizens.

And as we used to say growing up in then-smoggy California, if you cannot see the air, how can you trust it?


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9 Responses to Somewhere Scott Pruitt is Double-Parked With The Engine Running

  1. donnah says:

    I’ve never lived in California, but I’m old enough to remember how horrible the smog was. Photos of LA showed the skies so dull and dark that you could barely see the buildings. Remember the Brady Bunch? There were jokes written in the show that complained about the smog back then.

    So, with more cars than ever and even with efforts to build more hybrids and electric cars, the Trump Administration feels like erasing all the good that has been done. Who cares about the environment, anyway, just us Libtards.


    • MDavis says:

      River fires were pretty big then, too. Not that they happened every day (did they?) but the fact that they happened at all got some people’s attention.


      • tengrain says:

        Not in Cali, MDavis. But I believe that some river in Ohio regularly burst into flames, even before Kasich got there!




  2. roket says:

    I can’t wait until they bring back acid rain since MAGA means going backward.


    • On the plus side acid rain will corrode all those beeyoootiful statues of troo ‘Murrican heroes like Lee, Davis, Forrest and the Unknown Traitor Confederate sojer which are sooo vital to the MAGAts Troo ‘Murrican Fuck Yeah experience that they fly the traitors rag in places where their own ancestors fought and died for the Union, and proudly proclaim themselves members of the party of John Wilkes Booth ‘Lincon’.


  3. w3ski4me says:

    Vehicle millage and pollution are not necessarily the same thing. Ca. has set the standards for emissions for many years now. There used to be 49 state cars and Ca. ones, but now Ca standards have become standards for the other 49.
    This is more about selling gas. With the number of electric cars increasing and millage in gas cars going up, it has put his gas making buddies in a bind.
    If we all got 50 mpg, the gas companies would really hurt, this is economics not air pollution.


  4. Pyed Typer says:

    A 71-year-old weakening the EPA is not unlike those early twentieth-century fellows who voted their county dry and then moved on to another county.

    Meanwhile, the thirty-year-olds who abet him, are evincing sheer lunacy.


  5. Karla says:

    Does California have mileage standards? If not, perhaps they can pass them. The car companies should have an easier time meeting one stricter standard rather than having different standards for different areas of the country. Then the federal standard becomes moot.

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