The Exciting Return of Harriet Miers

Who’s You’re Fired’ed Today

The name Harriet Miers will always be associated in Song and Story with what previously had been the Worst Administration in U.S. History: the reign of error that was Chimpy McStagger.

For those of you who have (rightfully) blocked from your mind the Blunder Years, Harriet Miers was Chimpy’s chief counsel. He liked her so much that he nominated her to the Supreme Court.

Hilarity ensued.

You might also note that the Supreme Court does not have a Justice Harriet. Strange old world.

We mention ol’ Harriet today because the current successor to the Worst Administration in History title, the Fourth Reich, Comrade Stupid has You’re Fired’ed VA Secretary Dr. David Shulkin and nominated as his replacement, “Dr. Ronny (Jackson), the White House Physician, to run the Veterans Administration.

You see, Comrade Stupid liked Dr. Ronny and the way he gave the obese 71-year old stable genius a clean bill of health, including mental health. The Shamwow guy could only have done it better.

For the record, Dr. Ronny has never run a department or anything anywhere near as large as the VA.

Shulkin, who has admirably been turning the VA around and was confirmed by the Senate 100-0 (let that sink in for a moment), didn’t mince his words as he was being You’re Fired’ed (emphasis mine):

“I believe differences in philosophy deserve robust debate, and solutions should be determined based on the merits of the arguments. The advocates within the administration for privatizing V.A. health services, however, reject this approach. They saw me as an obstacle to privatization who had to be removed. That is because I am convinced that privatization is a political issue aimed at rewarding select people and companies with profits, even if it undermines care for veterans. …

“As many of you know, I am a physician, not a politician. I came to government with an understanding that Washington can be ugly, but I assumed that I could avoid all of the ugliness by staying true to my values. I have been falsely accused of things by people who wanted me out of the way.

“But despite these politically-based attacks on me and my family’s character, I am proud of my record and know that I acted with the utmost integrity. Unfortunately, none of that mattered. As I prepare to leave government, I am struck by a recurring thought: It should not be this hard to serve your country.”

Thank you for your service, Dr. Shulkin.

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10 Responses to The Exciting Return of Harriet Miers

  1. RWW says:

    I knew Dr. Jackson was destined for great things when he came out and lied his face off for Dear Leader and even fluffed his lies to ridiculous excess by proclaiming Trump to have superior genes and forecasting his tremendous healthiness out to a future second term. Well done, Dr. Jackson! Now take your knee pads with you to the VA.


  2. Condi says:

    The only saving grace is Dr. Ronnie won’t be confirmed; un pont trop loin for even this Congress…

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  3. roket says:

    It appears that Comrade Preznint Goldielocks reverse Midas touch is working perfectly. So, there’s that.


  4. “It should not be this hard to serve your country”

    True, that. It should also not be hard to not scam the taxpayers to pay for you and your wife’s vacay in Europe.

    Back in the day when I was a working scientific researcher I would go to national meetings in places like New Orleans or San Francisco. My wife would accompany me on these trips and I had to be scrupulous to make sure my institute wasn’t paying for her; for example, if the hotel charged more for an additional person in the room, paying for her airline ticket, etc. If we stayed beyond the the length of the meeting, we picked up the whole tab for any additional days at the hotel; they were usually nice enough to just extend the convention price.

    Note also, no one at my institution had to tell me to do this because it’s fooking obviously unethical to do it otherwise.

    I guess this is why I’ll never make it as a republican…


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  6. donnah says:

    Shulkin should have never used government money for trips for his wife and whatever other funds he misused, this is true. He did attempt to pay it back.

    But let’s be honest here; Shulkin is out because he was the last of the Obama people still serving. If Trump was all fired up to punish Shulkin, he should also have fired Carson, Zinke and whoever else has been abusing the funds for their own personal use. But they’re still there.

    Shulkin was against privatization, which is a keystone for the Republicans. That’s how they get money funneled to their buddies in the business world. He was doomed.


    • Bruce388 says:

      I’m guessing Shulkin’s opposition to privatization got him the axe. Either that or he wasn’t loud enough when it was “Praise Dear Leader” time.

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