Gun Boycott is Working

You WILL improve your posture!

Remington, the oldest gun maker in the United States, files for bankruptcy protection

“After 202 years in business, America’s oldest gun manufacturer, Remington, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

“The filing by Remington Arms Company and its parent, Remington Outdoors, was disclosed late Sunday night on the website of the United States Bankruptcy Court in Delaware. Details of the filing were not immediately available, but in a note to investors on Friday, the company reported negative operating cash flow as of March 25 of $7.4 million.”

The article suggests that having a Republican prznint was the problem: sales slumped because they couldn’t market that the gun grabbers were comin’ for their arsenals in Possum Hollar.

Additionally, YouTube is going to ban videos promoting gun sales, and maybe more bad news it looks like big banks and other financial institutions are backing away from gun manufacturors in their portfolios.

Keep up the pressure, everyone. The Gundamentalists are on the run.

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6 Responses to Gun Boycott is Working

  1. As you well know, I am not much of a gun enthusiast – in fact, I hate the blasted things. That said, I have watched as the Remington Company, owned by “private equity giant Cerberus” has coldly abandoned the people of nearby Ilion, NY. That community, like so many others, has already been decimated by poverty. It will get worse.

    Of course a good national leader would find ways to actually help people find work or some kind of stability through assistance. But, we do not have a good leader, as you know… And Cerberus could care less about the people in Ilion either.


  2. roket says:

    Even though Remington is a ‘corporate partner’ with the NRA, I wouldn’t be looking for any handouts from them. Ayn Rand would not approve.


  3. donnah says:

    Every time “gun control” becomes part of the news cycle, gun lovers start shrieking about “taking guns from their cold, dead hands”, lol. And the other thing they always squeal about is the “slippery slope” that is created when even the most minor gun restrictions are imposed.

    Guess what, you monsters: we are gaining strength. We are not afraid of you and we don’t care about your precious feelings. We don’t want your hunting rifles and trap shooting guns. You are losing power every day and we are going to make our schools and neighborhoods safer, so figure out how to work with us. Time’s up!


  4. Remington’s demise “owned by “private equity giant Cerberus”” is no more due to a slump in gun sales as Toys ‘R Us’s is due to Amazon.

    Yes both things hurt the bottom line, but the lethal blow was delivered by the locust capitalists who bought the companies, larded them with billions in unsustainable debt that was mysteriously directed intor their pockets as ‘operating’ and ‘consulting’ fees while the sold off anything of value.

    It’s these capitalist parasites that are causing this; Russian Oligarchs have nothing on the likes of neoGilded Age American Oligarchs like Cerberus and Bain; the Russians still have to devolve to mob tactics at times.


  5. RWW says:

    Boo fucking-hoo


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