Well, at least he was consistent…

So, let’s see how Comrade Stupid is responding to the #MarchForOurLives that came to Washington D.C., and to Merde-a-Lardo:


His silence is deafening, as the old saw goes.

But, you know, someone in the Comms Department released this:

“We applaud the many courageous young Americans exercising their First Amendment rights today. Keeping our children safe is a top priority of the President’s.”

But not it seems a top enough priority to make it to his Tweeter-Twatter, which has included:

  1. The attack in France (2)
  2. Money for the military
  3. Not enough money for the wall
  4. How every lawyer wants him as a client (2)
  5. No collusion!
  6. Crooked Hillary
  7. Medal of Honor Day
  8. Greek Independence Day

…and given how some of those are doubles, well, keeping the kids safe is probably #11, you know, right after Greek Independence Day.

And you know, golf. So maybe #12. He spent Saturday grifting on his golf course.

You know, Comrade Stupid, you could have delayed your trip, shown up, spoke for a moment. It would have done you a world of good, but instead, Snowflake, you headed out of town. You could have tweeted that lukewarm message of support yourself, but, you know, the links were more important.

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4 Responses to Fore!

  1. Nora Daly says:

    Loser in Chief!


  2. Retiredeng says:

    If it isn’t about him it doesn’t exist.

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  3. donnah says:

    He bragged that he would have run into Parkland and stopped the shooter because he’s so brave, yet the yellow-bellied SOB didn’t have the guts to drive past the kids who were lined up in the protest on the road to Mar A Largeass. They took a different route so he didnt have to face them.

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  4. Bruce388 says:

    Trump speaking would have defiled the occasion. It would have been the same old shit about his electoral college “victory,” No Collusion, and Crooked Hillary.


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