It’s #MarchForOurLives Rally Day!

Seattle Landmark and weapon!

No Time For Blogging! …as our good friend Dr. Zaius, the finest Ape Overlord the innernet has ever know, used to say.

Anyway, I’m off for the Seattle march, see you on the flip side.

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  1. donnah says:

    We joined the local rally in Dayton, Ohio. It was really cold out, but the turnout was great. There were speeches by students, teachers, the Mayor, an ER doc, and a social worker. There were many kids there, and a voter registration table for signing up new or lapsed voters.

    I love seeing the surge of support nationwide. It’s a movement that needs to happen, and I’m proud to support this group of kids and adults alike. Now is the time.

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  2. Ten Bears says:

    Good turnout in Bend (OR), even had a couple counter-protesters. Didn’t stick around, though, when a couple of the bucks and I walked over to say hi.

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  3. edithsilver says:

    Just got back from a local march in Coney Island. Figured the Manhattan one would be well attended and wanted my presence to count. Great turn out. Great kids. Great community groups that have been working on this issue for years!

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  4. tengrain says:

    Seattle had a good turnout, too/also, though we don’t have an official count yet. The Seattle Times (which is generally not to be trusted in things that conservatives do not like) even said “many thousands.”

    It was a jolly, rolling party as Seattle is wont to do. I was marching near a ska-oompa band (Seattle must have music where’er we go and you have not lived until you’ve heard a tuba solo on “You Don’t Own Me” — the Leslie Gore song, but with a ska beat).



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  5. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    New York weather was gorgeous and midtown west and south of Central Park was jammed. I’m so proud of these students, who are now teachers.

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