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The Feast of Saint Ronnie:

“Six decades of Republican overreach and corrosive causes have instead led to the rise of Donald Trump and a foreign policy run by John Bolton, an economy guided by Larry Kudlow and a legal team led by conspiracy theorist Joseph DiGenova.”

–Joe Scarborough, in the WaPo

As one of my betters said yesterday, I’d like Reagan to return from the dead just so I could watch him die again as he saw his legacy.

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7 Responses to The Morning Quote

  1. “…at least two decades of which I was a party to, until I started boning my ‘liberal’ co- host,” he didn’t say.

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  2. w3ski4me says:

    I don’t totally believe in all that Biblical “end times” stuff, but then I like to cover all sides. With Bolton now, as well as all the other idiots in charge and ideas they have spawned, not the least of which is the idea of “Moving the Embassy to Jerusalem”? I am starting to get fearful here and I swore I would not do that.


  3. roket says:

    Bet old Joe there gets a lot of Russian sourced hate posts on Faceberg now.


  4. RWW says:

    Exactly what end did Morning Joke envision for the GOP’s “overreach” and “corrosive causes” he once championed?


  5. osirisopto says:

    OK, so Kudlow and diGenova play a financier and attorney on Fox Bidness.

    What Fox show did Bolton have a recurring walk-on in?

    If Tomi Laren could get a spot on the curvy crotch crew she could be our next OSI director. Or does that job require a C-cup?


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