The Morning Quote (Claim Chowder is Served)


The president has suggested [the leak of the DO NOT CONGRATULATE notes] was done by “the deep state,” they said. That’s the catchall phrase for career officials and the Washington establishment who, Trump believes, have tried to protect their own grasp on power by sabotaging him.

Yesterday, as you may recall, we said…

Anyway, Axios tells us that the Fourth Reich is furious about the leak (the leak being that Comrade Stupid was told NOT TO CONGRATULATE) and so even though Stupid bragged about congratulating Pooty-Poot for successfully rigging the election there (hey, birds of a feather, amiright), that he was told to say nothing like a common Kenyan or sumpin’ is a bridge too far. Expect more of his bad Bogart, Cain Mutiny geometric logic to find the leaker

Imma claim his paranoid Deep State comment is our delicious chowder.

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3 Responses to The Morning Quote (Claim Chowder is Served)

  1. Ain’t no ‘Deep State’ in the West Wing, and that’s where this leak had to come from.

    ‘Derp State’ maybe!

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  2. w3ski4me says:

    I as a teenager was the beneficiary of a “good lawyer” thanks to my Dad’s connections. The lawyer ‘knew the judge from law school’ which was great, but on top that he came in the court room and in just a few sentences had the cop’s witness torn up in confusion. It was awesome. he made her look like she was batshit crazy in three questions!
    I was released and my poor friends that had planned their caper were left with pleas after the witness was torn to bits.
    Lawyers, good ones, are how the world works. I am a believer.


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