Praise For The Yutes of Today

The Parkland-ers continue to impress:

“There is a lot of racial disparity in the way that this is covered,” Mr Hogg said of last month’s shooting. “If this happened in a place of lower socioeconomic status, or a….black community, no matter how well those people spoke, I don’t think the media would cover it the same.”

“And I think it’s important that we point that out as Americans and realise that. Because, we have to use our white privilege now to make sure that all of the voices that….all of the people that have died as a result of this and haven’t been covered the same can be heard,” he continued. “It’s sad, but true.” — David Hogg

This generation has been handed a turdburger by their elders and they are not accepting it. But the grace and clear vision that they display in how they are pushing back, and the ease with which they are expanding their coalition is really inspiring.

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3 Responses to Praise For The Yutes of Today

  1. The Parkland kids may well end up running this country in a few decades, if they don’t burn out…David Hogg has shown a staggering amount of grace and grit far beyond his years; and he’s as sharp as hell…this is a really smart move to co-opt the attention paid to him to focus on others, building alliances and coalitions…why, he’s acting just like a ‘community organizer’! Hoodathunkit?

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    • MDavis says:

      Hogg has also chosen at least one wise adviser, one who I have seen standing by him (figuratively) while he contended with a TV interview, slightly hostile. No shame in using dad’s knowledge and experience and support to make a valuable impact.


  2. Jim says:

    Well said, and true! On..On..Parklanders


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