Faceberg Speaks! Says Nothin’ New!

The Death of Social Media


Faceberg went on CNN last night, here’s the transcript.

As we know, human emotion is not part of his algorithm, er, skill set, so it is sort of fascinating to see him attempt an apology:

Laurie Segall: I’m gonna start with just a basic question, Mark, what happened? What went wrong?

Mark Zuckerberg: So this was a major breach of trust and I’m really sorry that this happened.

And in a fascinating, almost lifelike, Rubio sort of way, he then repeated practically verbatim what he said in his Facebook post from earlier in the day:

“You know we have a basic responsibility to protect people’s data and if we can’t do that then we don’t deserve to have the opportunity to serve people.”

Faceberg wants to be clear that that sort of thing could never happen today, thanks to the altruistic work of his engineers to twiddle dials and whatnot so that the flashing Come and Get It sign is turned off over user data.

You trust him, right?

UPDATE: The MIT newsletter says…

Facebook’s CEO finally gave statements and interviews about his data scandal.

Mea culpa? Kinda: In a post, Zuck said the debacle was “a breach of trust” between Facebook and its users, but also passed blame to Cambridge Analytica.

What next: The firm has announced a set of audits and investigations to discover other data offences. It will introduce new policies to stop similar problems in future.

Prime cuts: In interviews, Zuck said: he’s “not sure we shouldn’t be regulated,” that he will testify to Congress “if it’s the right thing to do,” that Facebook must “do a lot better” on transparency, and that the firm’s business model is unlikely to change.

But: All of Zuck’s interviews push a line that Facebook is doing the best it can to keep up in a fast-changing world. That’s debatable. And he didn’t fully explain why we didn’t find out about the mess—which it first heard of in 2015—sooner.

End of the start: Zuck shouldn’t expect his appearances to draw any kind of line. He’ll still be pursued by governments, lawyers, and critics over the “breach of trust.”

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6 Responses to Faceberg Speaks! Says Nothin’ New!

  1. w3ski4me says:

    I am an ‘Old’ now, but I wasn’t always. Things like F/B and their ‘oversharing’ of stuff seems a bit “off” from my first exposure to it. Yet, I too have shared “the deaths of beloved pets”, visions of Deer and Turkeys on the property. Personal stuff that I used to only share with my kids and a friend or two and by Email. To see what this has become, is really disgusting. I never played with the “what jelly bean flavor would I be” stuff but just that it was there.
    “Vipers in our midst”
    “My God, what have we done now”?

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  2. donnah says:

    It’s a collection of apologists’ greatest hits! The Oh, Sorry (I’m Not Sorry) and It’s Your Own Damned Fault Because You’re Not as Smart ad I Am, and I’m Deeply Sorry (I Got Caught).

    Rich people don’t pay for their mistakes.

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  3. Nangleator says:

    Of course he repeated his words verbatim. He paid a lot for those specific words, in that specific order.


  4. Bruce388 says:

    Hope Hicks could have written out a note to help him.


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