Comrade Trump Will Find The Leaks!

The cootie catcher says…

Axios’ morning email thingie is laughing at all the hallway gossip inside of Comrade Stupid’s White House, specifically how the place leaks like a sieve:

HuffPost found out in real time — and other outlets quickly confirmed — that the president wasn’t happy with the government spending bill:

The report said that Paul Ryan was headed to the White House “to sell the president on the GOP wins in the $1.3 trillion government funding bill and assure him that it’s a good deal for Republicans.”

Behind-the-scenes: Trump vented about the spending bill — particularly its lack of border wall funding — to a fewer than a dozen top officials on a conference call, and his concerns became public almost immediately.

Good luck tracking down who might have been listening in on a conference call, you moron. Also/too, Comrade Stupid is well known to vent to his buddies, all of whom have the press on speed dial. You wanna know who the leaker is, Hair Führer? It’s you.

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2 Responses to Comrade Trump Will Find The Leaks!

  1. Mrs. Desertrat speculated yesterday that it could well be trump leaking things like the NO CONGRATS-GATE thing directly, just to keep up the ratings stir the shit among the WH staff. he gets off on poking at the anthills and burning them up with a magnifying glass.

    It has long, long been his MO. (note she was, for a time in the 80’s, employed in NYC’s real estate development industry. Her boss knew and detested the Trumps personally.)


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