Hey Guys, Nancy Pelosi is Not ‘The Clash’

TFW Nancy Pelosi is behind you.

…and so quit asking if she should stay or if she should go. That’s her decision.

Anyway, one of the more predictable outcomes of the Conor Lamb win last week was a renewed focus on Nancy Pelosi. You see, even though Lamb was a Democratic candidate, he ran against Pelosi. And remember PA-18 have a Cook’s PVI score of R+11 and that Candidate Stupid won the district by 20 points in the 2016 Goat Rodeo. So what we can conclude from that is that in a deep red district, in the heart of Trump Territory, running as a Blue Dog, Lamb did what he needed to do to win, and that was to distance himself from Pelosi.

Lamb was a good match for PA-18, and if the Dims wants to take Congress, then we must hold our nose and support Blue Dogs. Purity has its place, but you have to get to the table to play your cards. There’s no way that the GOP is gonna bring up any legislation that we want, the only way to do that is to run the table. And that means supporting Blue Dogs.

(As I noted last week, as much as I wished the entire country had the San Francisco Agenda, it doesn’t. And what works in SF will not work elsewhere. Probably not even in Los Angeles. And not in the People’s Republic of Berkeley, too. )

So, Lesson 1: Don’t generalize that running against Pelosi is what all Dims must do. That said, I think there is something we can learn from Lamb’s victory, and in a weird way, he stole it from the Republicans, which brings us to …

Lesson 2: The only national Republican that Lamb attacked was Zombie-eyed Granny-starver Paul Ryan. Lamb made Ryan into a Nancy Pelosi-style boogyman. It’s pretty ingenious when you think about it, especially because Ryan is as disliked as amply be-Chinned Mitch McConnell with Comrade Stupid’s base. Everyone you want to vote for you will nod their head in agreement if you attack ZEGS and the Ample Chins, so this will work for Senate candidate too/also.

Lesson 3: Don’t Run Against Comrade Stupid. Don’t tell the people you want to win back to the big tent how stupid they were in 2016; don’t insult them that way. Mr. Lamb never uttered the word Trump in any of his speeches. And besides, you don’t need to because…

Lesson 4: Don’t Waste Your Time. Our side already knows every reason Comrade Stupid’s gotta be impeached, you don’t have to remind us of that, and the Wingnuts don’t want to hear Trump Derangement Syndrome. Instead, use your time/money resources to say why they should vote for you.

(And once you win, ITMFA!)

So endeth the sermon.


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6 Responses to Hey Guys, Nancy Pelosi is Not ‘The Clash’

  1. Preach it Brothah!


  2. moeman says:

    This is the best fucking MPS headline ever.


  3. MDavis says:

    I know you said not to say everyone should run against Pelosi, but…
    It strikes me that a pro like Pelosi at political maneuvers would not take it badly if that is how some of the Dems win their seats. If anyone could grin and bear it about that action, it is her.


    • tengrain says:

      MDavis, that is true. But my point was broader than Pelosi herself: running against Pelosi won’t work everywhere for Dims. It works well enough for Blue Dogs in deep red districts, but if someone was running as a Dim in, oh, let’s say Seattle, by running against Pelosi, they would lose badly.

      I’m saying that there is not a universal message for Dims. It’s a Big Tent party.




      • MDavis says:

        True enough, and I wasn’t arguing that point. I just wanted to point out it would probably not hurt Nancy’s feelings, especially where it works.
        Come to think, it probably *would* hurt her feelings for a Dem to be dumb enough to run against her where it would just hurt the Dem race.


      • osirisopto says:

        True, but only if the ends justify the means, just like the theocrats and griftagelicals.

        The route to regaining control of our country, not just temporarily attaining the appearance of power is to have, and stick to principals that you’re willing to fight for.

        As Churchill once said “You have enemies? Good! That means you stood for something at least once in your life.”


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