The Beatings Will Continue

This absolutely made my jaw drop:

Parent: Students Paddled After Participating in Walkout

“LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Some Arkansas students have been disciplined with a paddling after taking part in Wednesday’s National Walkout Day.

“That’s according to a Twitter post by a parent.

“We spoke with the school superintendent in Greenbrier who confirmed that three students participated in the walkout. He says no student came to school asking to participate in the walkout and had made no preparations.

“He adds that they were not reprimanded for protesting but for breaking school handbook rules in regards to leaving class.

“We’re told the students were given the choice of suspension (usually 2 days) or corporal punishment for their participation in the walkout. Corporal punishment is a paddling and must be approved by a parent.

“The superintendent said he could not reveal which option the students chose.”

Paddling? Really? in the 21st Century?

“The White Hall School District utilized the following disciplinary action found in our Student Handbook on page 42:

“Cutting class: Any student who misses part or all of a class or is away from their assigned area for any length of time without permission from school personnel will be considered as cutting class. The following disciplinary action will be taken:

  • 1st Offense – Five (5) days Detention Hall
  • 2nd Offense – Five (5) days In-School Suspension
  • 3rd and Successive Offense: Three (3) day Suspension”

So wait. I’m confused. There’s nothing in there about paddling, not that it matters that some crusty old dude got his jollies beating a kid for exercising his/her free speech rights to protest being hurt in school shootings. The irony here is off the charts.

UPDATE: One of the kids addresses being paddled, and it is AWESOME!

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11 Responses to The Beatings Will Continue

  1. Read this

    These kids are utterly without fucks left to give over this shit, they’re smart, they’re organized and they’re pissed.

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    • Edward Kulavick says:

      And with the right legal team, they should be assured of enough $$$ in damages to pay for a college education over this. Wear those welts on your ass as a badge of honor guys, and know that someone in his late 60’s is proud AF of you.


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  4. w3ski4me says:

    My Generation helped stop an actual War. We were beaten with nightsticks and tear gassed in the streets. We protested and got Attention for a really big problem people were ignoring.
    More power to all these kids now. In my day you had to get drafted to get shot at, I see you don’t get past High School anymore.
    These kids make me proud.


  5. ice9 says:

    Paddling is just stupid, but taking a punishment–no matter how silly–is better than allowing schools to co-opt the protests and defang them. Civil disobedience is predicated on accepting the punishment in order to highlight the moral failings of authority.

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  7. Retiredeng says:

    So, the “punishment” for not attending school is being kept away from school. The administration of these schools are not thinking it through!

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    • w3ski4me says:

      Don’t forget they are protesting Violence, and another form of punishment offered for that was “lesser violence”? Truly not thinking this out are they?


  8. Iron City says:

    White Hall School District appears to need a change of management as well as a wopping damages settlement.


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