Why Lamb Won: Opinions Differ!

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The LATimes has some analysis of the Conor Lamb victory in PA-18 that ought to shake Wingnuttia to the core of their Randian beings:

“The most dangerous outcome for Republicans in Tuesday’s special House election was not the prospect of a Democrat taking over one of their seats.

“It was the shrugging off by voters of the party’s biggest legislative achievement: the tax cut measure that Republicans hoped would be their major campaign message as they head toward a turbulent midterm election.

“Though the popularity of Trump’s tax plan has grown since it was passed last year, it stalled as an election issue in Pennsylvania, leading Republicans to shift away from it late in the campaign in search of another topic to energize supporters of state legislator Rick Saccone.”

If the tax cut is all the Republicants have to run on, they are well and truly screwed.

I don’t know how broadly to take Lamb’s victory. The NYTimes is overhyping it when they proclaim that he has given the Democrats a map for Trump country.

Lamb did take some Republican positions:

  • opposed to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi becoming Speaker
  • supports gun ownership
  • support for the stupid tariffs

But he was a solid Democrat on others:

  • opposed to the Billions for Billionaires tax cuts
  • pro Obamacare
  • pro labor unions
  • pro renewable energy, even though he is in coal country

Lamb is classic Dim being squishy on abortion (personally opposed, but wants it to be safe and legal). He’s a Blue-ish Dog in a reddish state. What we do know is that what he did worked there. But I don’t think that would work everywhere, sorry NYTimes, I don’t think that there is a broad lesson.

All congressional districts in all states are different. What works in one will not necessarily work in all. This is really the poli-sci lesson the Dims need to take to heart. As much as I wish all the congressional districts could be won with a platform that would appeal to coastal California, it doesn’t work like that. Heck, what appeals in L.A. wouldn’t work in SF, and vice-versa.


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10 Responses to Why Lamb Won: Opinions Differ!

  1. roket says:

    People on Social Security didn’t get a tax cut.

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    • LOTS of people didn’t get a tax cut. Whatever I got was canceled out by the raised costs of health insurance…NOT Obamacare, either, but employer-provided.


    • w3ski4me says:

      I didn’t get a Tax Cut, true dat. But, I did get a whopping $20.00 bucks a month ‘raise’ in my SS income. Not exactly “cost of living”, but anything more “is” better.


  2. My take-away from Pennsylvania is we have to wander over to our polling place, armed with proper I.D., and vote. The Candy Corn Skidmark and his minions must be voted off the island!

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  3. It wont take long for the masses to realize the “tax cut” was a total scam – especially those in higher taxed states like NY, CA, IL and even PA. There paychecks are coming in now and i bet that extra $20-$30 is buying a whole lot of beer, ammo and bibles. Most people in these rural counties in Western PA do not work for corporate entities – hence very few of them got “bonuses”. In addition – it is already out there that most of the money companies are getting in relief from the tax scam is going to stock buybacks, increased dividends, debt repayment, capital expenses or owners pockets. Pennies (as Nancy Pelosi says – crumbs) are going to the “Trump blue collar voters” – and they already see that. Wait till some of these “Trump blue collar voters” have to pay more when they cant fully deduct state and local taxes – or when they start seeing cuts in Medicare and Medicaid to pay for their $20 dollar a week tax savings.

    Being constantly entertained by a Orange Shitshow is expensive!

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  4. w3ski4me says:

    I didn’t get a Tax Cut, true dat. But, I did get a whopping $20.00 bucks a month ‘raise’ in my SS income. Not exactly “cost of living”, but anything more “is” better.


  5. Paul Ryan has made noises as if he is going to run on Tax Cut Palooza. Randy Bryce does not seem inclined to allow him to do so.


  6. paul fredine says:

    they really should have known saccone was doomed to loose when the dumpster kid chose to rally the masses at the last minute to plug his election while patting himself on the back. they learned nothing from the ‘vote moore’ fiasco.


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