Who’s You’re Fired’ed Next?

The Shadow Knows!

All the morning email thingies are asking the eternal question of who Comrade Prznint Stupid is going to You’re Fired next.


“President Trump’s firing-via-tweet of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, following his sudden imposition of tariffs, reflects the president’s increasing comfort with solo use of his awesome power over policy, personnel and politics.

  • “Be smart: White House officials tell Jonathan Swan and me that it’s getting ever more difficult for aides to disagree with Trump, or stand up to him about the consequences of decisions great and small.
  • “We’re told Trump trusts his own instincts and counsel more than he did a year ago. So it’s getting harder to talk him out of acting on whims and grievances.
  • “And with the departure announcements by aides who have had a moderating or restraining influence, he has ever fewer restraints and guardrails.
  • “What’s next: The big question inside the West Wing is whether Trump keeps going and pushes through a complete overhaul.”

The NYTimes warns us:

Pee Wee Hermann Goering

“Tillerson’s dismissal, on the heels of Gary D. Cohn’s resignation, pulls the Trump administration further out of the economic and foreign policy mainstream and closer to the nationalist ideas that animated Mr. Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.”

So, the question really is about who stays and goes next in our Reality TeeVee prznintcy.

I recall reading a while ago that several Cabinet members had an informal suicide pact that if one of ’em goes, the rest of the pact would go too/also. I thought it was RExxon/Kelly/Mattis, so that’s my 5K Quatloo bet.

That said, now that the Russian Usurper thinks that he’s been cleared of collusion (because local moron Devin Nunes has said so), he might finally You’re Fired Jefferson Beauregard ‘Stonewall’ Sessions III. And there were those reports last week that he called in some other secretaries to lecture them about ethics (and yes, Eiron is doing steller work) and embarrassing him, so he might give them the cheese sandwich and a roadmap: Carson, Pruitt, Shulkin, and Zinke (worst law firm ever). And of course, perennial favorite to be You’re Fired’ed, John Kelly (if he doesn’t quit in the suicide pact thingie).

I have no idea what the under/over is, but if you do, rank them in the comments and put your Quatloos where your filthy mouths are!

My ranking:

  1. Kelly
  2. Mattis
  3. Shulkin
  4. Carson
  5. Pruitt
  6. Zinke
  7. Sessions
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17 Responses to Who’s You’re Fired’ed Next?

  1. Sirius Lunacy says:

    I spent all my quatloos on cryptoloos. I was told it would be a very sound investment.

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  2. My guess: McMasters is out, with Bolton coming off the bench to start a war with Iran. Which will go swimmingly, simply swimmingly, I tell you: flowers and candy. After all, jumping into a land war on Putins southern flank will have no consequences whatsoever…


  3. Dennis Cole says:

    They’re all gonna go, sooner or later. What I’m anxiously awaiting is the announcement of who will head the Next Great Thing: The SPACE FORCE! Just think, Starship Troopers! Lasers! Borgs! And for the cliffhanger episode: The Imperial Donald vs. the Wrath of Khan!
    And next season, we’ll build the Death Star, and the Klingons will pay for it!

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  4. Redhand says:

    Like Hitler, he knows his genius and “instincts” Trump anything his advisors might say. Never mind that his administration looks like a tipped over outhouse after a windstorm.


  5. at some point he will toss out Jared. He just hired Larry “things go better with coke” Kudlow – lets see how long that one last


    • Bruce388 says:

      Trump may have Jared and Ivanka run the Space Force to get them away from Mueller. Come to think of it, Trump may want to be in charge and in orbit.


  6. He is acting like he is on a reality TV show… of course.


  7. osirisopto says:

    “if one of ’em goes, the rest of the pact would go too/also”

    Honor amongst thieves, TG?

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  8. another kiwi says:

    “So it’s getting harder to talk him out of acting on whims and grievances.” This is a good way to run governments.


  9. 9thousandfeet says:

    He’s gaining confidence as he discovers who and what he can manipulate, and how. He’s ignorant, but he’s not stupid.
    I think the way to prioritize who gets the axe next is to list them in order of who is least compliant and servile and wields the most power.
    McMaster would be high on the list, Carson, who is both compliant and has little meaningful influence over policy, will be much lower, for example.
    Kelly will be high by reason of his power, but lower because he’s effectively surrendered his balls many months ago.
    Sessions ditto, but he’ll have to go too of course, unless he can be persuaded into implementing draconian emergency authoritarian measures, domestically, as needed and on command. Perhaps he can, but if not, someone must be found who will.

    This is a purge of his immediate power circle in preparation for circling the wagons if the mid terms go the way Dems are increasingly giddy about expecting them to go.

    The Mueller-Daniels revelations, almost whatever they may be, can probably be handled with a skillful combination of agitprop and media manipulation in concert with a Congress which, as my friend squirrel says, is now merely a wholly-owned subsidiary of Trump Inc.

    A Dem electoral insurgency will require additional, and much more serious countermeasures.. This purge is the preparatory groundwork for those measures.
    Time is running out. These people mean business, and they don’t give a fuck about the law or the constitution.


    • Redhand says:

      Carson, who is both compliant and has little meaningful influence over policy, will be much lower.

      Unless the grift factor proves more of an embarrassment. But the only thing between Gentle Ben and the title, “Worst, most clueless Dept Secretary” is Betsy DeVos.

      These people mean business, and they don’t give a fuck about the law or the constitution.

      Yes, they are real, live American Fascists, the genuine article, Really. Listen to this and tell me how much difference there is between a Trump rally and Goebbels.


  10. Sirius Lunacy says:

    I went to see Paula Poundstone recently and she had the theory that eventually every American citizen would have to work at and get fired from the Trump White House.


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