PA Dumps Trump

PA Dumps Trump 

So the big winner in the election yesterday is definitely not the Russian Usurper, that we can say with some confidence, and the winner likely is Conor Lamb. If the absentee ballot counts hold true to form, that is.

It seems like a pretty stunning pimp-slap for the Orange Menace.

Let’s review what we do know:

  • Wingnuttia sloshed in about $12M Ameros to support their hapless candidate Rick Saccone.
  • Wingnuttia’s all-stars had been campaigning for their doomed candidate for a few weeks.
  • PA-18 is Republican district that Candidate Stupid won by 20 points in the 2016 Goat Rodeo;
  • This race should never have been close.

I do not know if Pennsylvania has any kind of automatic recount or if the candidates have to demand it, but I think we can expect that there will be one. In the meanwhile, expect a lot of spin about why the Republicans lost what should have been A Sure Thing: A) what a bad candidate Saccone was, and 2) Young and handsome, Conner Lamb was a made-to-order candidate and a fluke.



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5 Responses to PA Dumps Trump

  1. Looked up the PA law last night, recounts aren’t easy or automatic in PA. There’s a bunch of absentee ballots left to count, but the bulk of them are in Allegheny County, which is solidly bloo.


  2. the spin has been fast – he is a conserv-a-dem, he is cuter, saccone is a loser. and my favorite – Trump made it close – without his Nuremberg rally it would have been a Lamb-chop-a-thon


  3. Bruce388 says:

    Donnie, look! Another vote for impeachment!


  4. paul fredine says:

    seems like they should take it as a sign that if he decides to stump for you at the last minute you’re about to go down the shitter. did they learn nothing from roy moore?



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