Larry Kudlow Is Probably Joining The Trump Train

Sure the train crashed, but we are ahead of schedule.

And now all eyes turn to CNBC’s shouty numbskull Larry Kudlow, who, by most accounts, is the leading contender to replace ***globalist Gary Cohn*** as Comrade Stupid’s top economic advisor. Whodda thunk that teevee addict Comrade Stupid would pick someone from cable news? Shocking, I know! I guess Spongebob was unavailable?

Kudlow is a fan of trickle-down  economics, which is discredited by pretty much all serious economists. But on the bright side, he hates:

  • capital gains taxes
  • the “death tax”
  • banking regulations

Notably, Kudlow did not see Chimpy’s Economic Disaster coming.

We’re totally eff’ed in the dark.


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2 Responses to Larry Kudlow Is Probably Joining The Trump Train

  1. roket says:

    I hear Hannity is pissed.


  2. with his love of coke (not the cola kind) we could get some great trade deals with Bolivia

    from Wikipedia
    Kudlow later admitted to a $100,000 a month cocaine habit.
    (and 2 stints in rehab)

    he should fit right in with Ben Carson’s table, Ryan Zinke’s door, and Scott Pruitts first class flights!

    Snort the swamp

    PS – Larry doesnt have a degree in economics

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